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Hi Folks,

I have an xserve running 10.4.9, up until recently everything had been running 100% until a few weeks ago when someone called me to inform me they couldn't authenticate to the VPN.

So I stop and restarted the service and didn't think too much about it. The same thing happened again today so I started watching the VPN connections during the day.

This is what I noticed when a user connects they pick up a IP fine in this case they disconnect fine but when the next person logs in they get and when they disconnect and the next person logs in they get the IP addresses aren't being released after disconnect.

I've had a look in the forums but haven't seen anything relating to this problem any ideas would be appreciated.

I only have AFP/Mail/VPN and Web Running on this box.

Looking at it closely I can see why the service needs to be restarted, when so

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    I've been doing a little more digging on this problem and this is what I have found on another forum.

    You shouldn't need to restart the VPN service at all.

    When the VPN gets to the end of its address range it'll just wrap around, re-using any addresses that aren't already assigned. This means that if you have a range of 10 IPs,, the 10th connection will get the .110 address and the 11th will get the .1 address (provided it isn't already in use by another user at that time).

    In my case when we reach last IP it won't go back to the 1st IP address in the pool.
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    I believe I have resolved the problem I deleted the com.apple.RemoteAccess.plist file, then dropped the range down to just 10 IP's which has been working a treat.

    You can find this file at the following location.