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Hello, I am trying to use Universal Access on a new MacBook Pro.

Ideally, I would like to move the screen pointer by holding the function key (or some command type key) and the directional arrows - instead of using the mouse. Is there a way to map the keys to do this?

I tried to turn on Universal Access and turning on Mouse Keys, but there are no instructions in the Help section that tell you which keys move in what directions. Anyhow, after confirming that it was on, no keys would move the pointer or do any mouse functions.

Thank you!

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    Hello Saksiri-san,

    Mouse Keys are controlled by the numeric keys which form a secondary keypad in the block: J->1, K->2, L->3, ;->-, U->4, I->5, O->6, P->*, 7->7, 8->8, 9->9, 0->/. M gives 0 and / gives +, all on an English-language keyboard of course. The movement is U or 4 to the left, O or 6 to the right and so on. The I or 5 key gives the mouse click.

    Once Mouse Keys are on, you will normally need to use the fn key as well as those in the secondary numeric keypad to move the mouse. This can be avoided by setting the default option to "software functions" in the Keyboard tab of the Keyboard and Mouse pane of System Preferences.