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A Verizon Cell Phone!

I love my iPhone for everything except actually making calls. I purchased the iPhone the second day it went on sale and did not port my # from Verizon, and have been carrying my Verizon cell phone around along with me to make calls.

The AT&T service is HORRIBLE in the NYC area. I really wanted to tell Verizon to shove it for turning down the iPhone, but I still need them, because AT&T & Apple, are unable to produce a product that works well as a phone.

I have had more dropped calls, NO SERVICE and failed calls with my iPhone and AT&T in 3 weeks than I have had with Verizon (Multiple Phones) in 5 years.

Apple please help!

Dual 2 G5, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Since your complaint is aimed toward AT&T and their service coverage area you might have better results contacting them.
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    AT&T & Apple were able to produce a product that works very well as a phone for me. I've had the EXACT experience where I live but with Verizon - I have a business phone through Verizon and can you hear me now is a joke in areas that I frequent.
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    I'm in Brooklyn and I haven't had drop calls and never had less than 4 signal bars
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    It's interesting how experiences can be so different. The voice quality on my iPhone is excellent and It has never dropped a call. On the other hand, my wife has Verizon and she is constantly complaining about poor quality connections and dropped calls.

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    it really all depends on where you are from.

    for instance, in texas, verizons network is very limited
    but in new york it's almost entirely covered

    with at&t new york should have excellent coverage (at least I did when I was in Yonkers a couple weekends ago)

    pretty much living in less populated areas will result in less cell phone coverage (why spend the $$ to put up a cell tower when your estimated # of users is 100, when same tower in a city can serve 10,000)
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    Actually, I was pleasantly surprised to see how good coverage was in NYC. I'm a huuuge fan of CDMA based on getting burned by horrible GSM service in the city, especially in buildings. But AT&T has been pretty reliable.

    Where I've found that AT&T service fails here, is when you're in a car. Oftentimes, noticeably around midtown, tower handoffs are pretty lousy. While I haven't got a dropped call yet, the signal will drop to one bar/lose EDGE for a minute or so until coming back to full strength. Along with this, if you're on a data connection (trying to buy movie tix on the way to the theater!) it's much slower while moving, unlike my experience with CDMA.
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    I visited NYC for several days before Christmas (obviously without my iPhone)... but I found AT&T (Cingular) coverage to be excellent all around Manhattan.

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    I've had AT&T/Cingular since 1997 in the NYC area and while I had problems before AT&T acquired Cingular, I have to say that I haven't had a single problem since.

    I'm also quite surprised with EDGE. It's not as slow as I expected. Being in the city, there's a lot of access to free wi-fi, but when I'm on EDGE, it doesn't drive me nuts.
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    I've used my iPhone now in NYC on two trips, and my coverage there has been terrific from the airport tarmac to throughout the city.

    Of course, with ATT/CIngular it has always depended on where you are in town - and it won't work on the subway, inside theatres, or other places that have a lot of metal. It won't work inside some highrises if you don't have a lot of windows. That's the same in Detroit, and Toronto, and Allentown and everywhere else.
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    Cmon now buuuuddy:) don't knock us people that live in rural areas, thats the reason I switched to at&t(when it was cingular) because its the only carrier that gets a good signal. I have had different carriers in the past, no signal at the house. I currently have a nextel thru work 0 signal at my house, and when the contract on my old phone ran out I did the research and cingular was the only one that had good signal where I live. Even though there is probably less than 1,000 people in a five mile radius.