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    Same issue here, iPod nano is my wife's & is 15 months old so out of warranty!!!! iPod is not frequently used & for awhile she told me everytime she went to use it the battery was flat. On further investigation we found it wasn't turning off. Sure the screen would go black but it wasn't off. Since then I have exhausted all ideas thrown up in various forums; toggle hole button, reset iPod, reload new software, set/unset sleep function, etc, ad infinitum. I was told on another forum that Apple do look at this forum but after seeing people posting the same issue since 2004 it would appear either unlikely that Apple do look, or they don't have a fix, or they aren't concerned. Anyone got any other ideas please?
  • ee one Level 1 Level 1
    You my try to reset the iPod nano by flicking the HOLD button, then press the SELECT button (the circle in the middle) + the MENU button for a couple of seconds. It works......
  • mmarreco Level 1 Level 1
    The reset DOES NOT WORK for this problem. Not even completely formatting the ipod and reinstalling the firmware. I have tried everything possible - My belief is that it is a HARDWARE problem.
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    I think I spoke too soon as the battery seems to drain anyway even when switchff via the sleep timer. Is This normal?

  • fehrion Level 1 Level 1
    I think I spoke too soon as the battery seems to drain anyway even when switched off via the sleep timer. Is This normal?

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    Any solutions as yet? Never had an issue with mine until tonight. Was mowing the yard.... half way thru, I went to forward to the next song and realized the display was still showing the song that played when I first started. Then I go to turn the thing off... and what do you know... I can't even switch to another menu.... it's just stuck ON.
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    Somebody must know..I am seeing this problem more and more (I have the same issue with my Nano).

    I phoned Apple advanced tech support and the guys were nice but "never heard of this before"

    In addition to the "not turning off", I also get a Fireware warning telling me to use the cable that came with my ipod. I do not,nor have I ever used Fireware and always use the correct cable. I get this error when using, not when transferring songs or charging. Any help is appreciated Thanks
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    Mine does the same thing. It just started and i bought it last summer.

    It is very annoying.
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    I doubt that they never heard of this before. It appears to be a very common problem - and one without a solution! Sometimes I wonder if Apple's crappy quality is intentional so people need to replace their products sooner.

    BTW, I also get the Firewire message just like you do.
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    You might want to try this (it's not perfect and I can't swear that the battery won't wear down just as fast as being on but....) Press and hold (at the same time) the MENU and Center buttons for 5 or 6 seconds. Now you have to be quick about this, when the Ipod shuts off very quickly slide the hold button on top to the right. You will see some words or logo faintly on the screen but that will go away. Now to start it up you will have to slide the hold button to the left and press either the menu button or the center button. Like I said I don't know if the battery will run down as fast because I just figured out how to do this. Good luck!
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    Hello I have exactly the same problem and I only bought mine last night. Did you manage to fix yours?
    Im thinking of just returning it to the shop clearly there is a problem in the software.
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    This may not help everyone but had same problem, nano won't shut down. Found that the alarm on the clock was on and when I turned the alarm off, the nano would then turn off as well.
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    I had this problem for the first time after more than a year of daily use. I only connect my iPod to my laptop about once every three weeks to load it up with podcasts, and it had been at least three weeks when the "won't shut off" problem occurred. (I only use the wall charger.) I didn't get any strange icons or messages, and my nano responded in every way except that it simply refused to turn off. I tried re-setting it and I checked all kinds of things that were suggested in this forum. In the mean time, I had hooked it up to the laptop, then took it off to plug it into the charger so it would have enough juice for me to try the suggestions. Well, it turned off on the first try after all that moving and switching. Judging by the other entries, I'm sure I'll be back to this page for more ideas when it happens again!
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    I had this same problem. Here is what I posted on iLounge. It's not a fix, but at least it keeps the Nano from the landfill.

    Kind of fixed it


    Well, I called Apple support and was told, because the warranty is up, there's nothing they can do. They said that if I tried the 5 Rs, it was definitely a hardware problem, even though the play/pause button seemed to be working fine. Seeing I had nothing to lose, I loaded up Rockbox and everything works fine, including using the play/pause to turn it off, (sleep) so it is a functional device again. Actually, I really like Rockbox so far, and I like loading music like regular files. I'm a little choked at being told by Apple that the only solution was to buy a new one. I didn't expect them to say load up Rockbox, but I do not think this is a hardware problem, and I expected better support from Apple.

    Ah well, at least this isn't going to the landfill yet.