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I have a 4GB iPod which, when connected to my laptop, will not sync to iTunes like it normally does. I never had any syncing problems until yesterday; I connected my iPod to my computer like I always do, but the syncing iPod screen never came up in iTunes - it just stayed on my music library screen, and the only thing my iPod did was charge itself. Also, the name of my iPod isn't listed on the left side of iTunes, so I have nothing to click on. Otherwise, my iPod and iTunes programs work just fine...I just can't update any of my music to my iPod or anything, and it's really frustrating. Any help at all would be much appreciated!! Thanks!

HP Pavillion PC, Windows Vista
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    I am having a similar problem. I upgraded to ITunes 7.3 and since then, the IPOD shows up in Itunes, but nothing will sync to it, no playlists, songs, photos, nothing. It goes through the motions like it normally would, but nothing happens. I agree, it's very frustrating and I want it fixed. I have been all over the support articles, but nothing seems to describe it.

    Most articles end with the restore option suggested and I am afraid if I do this, everything will be wiped out and I won't ever get it back. HELP!!
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    I just got this problem yesterday aswell. I upgraded to ITunes 7.3 and since then I can't sync my IPod to my ITunes.
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    I have this problem, but when i sync, itunes says that it was unsuccessful because the selected playlists do not exist. all of my songs were deleted from my ipod and i can't put them back on.
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    Same problem here. I have a 60GB video ipod and my cousin have an ipod nano. I was able to sync my video ipod but when I tried to do it with my itune and her nano, it says "the playlist selected no longer exists" and "The required file cannot be found". ***?

    Apple people! What's going on??
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    I am also having the same problem. I have a 30 GB Video Ipod and I have been having several problems with it recently, including it asking me to connect to the computer almost once a day now. I have purchased several new albums and wanted to update my Ipod but when I sync it, it goes through a few songs but then says it can't sync due to some file missing. I just recently downloaded the newest version of Itunes and tried it again and got the same results. Any help on this would be great...I am ready to throw it out the window lol!
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    I've finally got it to SYNC with my iTune! YAY!!
    I've done so many of the things listed I'm sure what really fixed it.

    I reset the ipod nano itself by pressing and holding down the pause and play button.

    I also moved the USB connection to a different USB connection on the back of my computer.

    I opened the "My Computer" window and right-clicked on my ipod, and then selected "Format". I select "Yes" to format since I don't have anything on the nano to delete anymore.

    I then Eject my nano from the computer and did a restart while the nano is disconnected from the computer.

    Once Windows finish loading I reconnect the USB to the nano(back of computer) which automatically pulls up iTune. It asked me to name the new ipod detected and created a playlist for that specific ipod name.

    Whew~ Took me 4 hours to fix it. I hope this helps others in their quest to their answers. :P
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    So when you did this, all of the songs in your iTunes library remained there, right? Nothing was deleted or lost in the process? And you were able to use these songs with your iPod after "re-registering" it? Thanks so much for the help, by the way...I may try your method if nothing else comes up today.