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Hi all,

HELP!!! My iphone keeps randomly beeping/vibrating (if it's on silent). It's like I have a new message, but I DON'T have one. It's not a calendar alert, or an alarm, or a new sms, new voicemail, new email, new anything. It is just randomly beeping. There is no standard interval, it can beep every minute or every 5 minutes, reset, power-off... and it beeps as soon as it starts back up. It isn't jumping on and off the wi-fi or edge, I'm at home and haven't moved and it still beeps. I restored my phone and it stopped... for about a day, now it's back at it and worse than ever!

This is really irritating. I googled and found a message about a similar problem that no one ever posted a solution to; I'm hoping I can find one here.

Thank you!

iphone, Mac OS X (10.4.10)