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On some sites, every time I click on one of the links, a new instance of Safari opens. The same site does not do this in IE or Firefox and in latter, you have controls of how links open..new window, new tab, or force open within current window. Anyone know how to keep only one window open in Safari?

iMac 20", Windows Vista
  •  Andy Level 2 Level 2
    If you want new windows to open in a new tab, instead of a new Safari window, just hold ctrl while clicking on the link. Make sure this option is enabled in Edit->Preferences->Tabs, if it doesn't work for you right off the bat. You can also do what I do, and simply right-click on the link, and select Open Link In New Tab.

    There are some other neat Tab features too, if you have multiple windows open already, you can go to Window->Merge All Windows, and all open pages are moved to Tabs in a single Safari Window.

    Conversely, you can send a Tab to a new, separate window, by going to Window->Move Tab To New Window.

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    Thanks Andy...good stuff but I'm also interested in forcing the links to open in my current window without opening anything new. Is there a setting for that?