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Hello everyone-

Here is a little back story. I just moved to a new company to do support and they have a group of about 20 or so Macs. I used to work with them years ago, but haven't for a long time. They seem to run pretty good with no issues, which is good! But there are a couple of them that are having some printing issues. They are both the same symptoms.

Forgive me if I miss some crucial information. Since I don't really use them it is kind of hard to trouble shoot them!

They are both G5's and are running 10.3.3. They won't print anything out of a internet browser (it doesn’t matter which one), and they won’t print anything out of email. They don't give any kind of error message which makes me think that the computer THINKS it is printing everything ok. They will print out of Photoshop, but it is insanely slow. Were talking hours.

They are both set up to use IP addresses to print to. And they are both printing to a Kyocera Fiery X3e.

If you can think of anything I forgot or missed please let me know. I am interested to learn more about how to support Macs!

Also, if any of you guys know of any good support recourses please send them my way!

Thanks for your time!


G5, Mac OS X (10.3.3)
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    Hi Avast!

    Welcome to Discussions.

    The first thing to try is *Repair Permissions* using *Disk Utility*, found in Applications/ Utilities. Click on the Hard drive in the left sidebar of *Disk utility* and click Repair Permissions.

    Next, if that has no effect, is to locate the file com.apple.printerThenameofThePrinter.plist, found in the location:
    drag the file com.apple.printerThenameofThePrinter.plist to the trash and then select something to print and see how that goes.

    regards roam
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    Thanks for the quick response! I will give these a try and post again if there are still issues.