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I write to tell you about my experience with a loaner iPhone. I went to the local Apple Store because my June 29th iPhone was not charging fully, and seemed to have a shorter than advertised battery life. I paid the $29 for the loaner phone and received an identical 8-gig machine with the exception of a little tattoo in the back: AppleCare Service. They switched the chip, and the phone was able to function instantly; however, my information didn't transfer until I got home and synced, whereupon everything transferred flawlessly.

The loaner phone had better battery life, and it charged all the way to the top. Apple hardly took a look at my phone and they sent me a new phone via FedEx. I took my initial phone to Apple on Monday, and I had a brand new phone by Friday morning. At no time was I out of commission, and at no time (other than the short trip home) did I not have ALL my information with me.

Thus, it was a wholly positive experience. The new phone is absolutely killer, so far. So when the time comes, folks, the loaner phone is nothing to fear.

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    Thanks for letting us know how it works. Glad your issue was resolved.
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    Just curious about anyone else's experience with the loaner. I received one identical to my iphone through the mail (no tattoo on the back even). My main concern is I've dropped it a few times (I'm a clutz), it still works but there are a few scratches on the casing, wondering if anyone knows what the policy might be on charging me for the damage (guess I'll find out soon enough on my own, just wondering in advance).