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my iphone literally jumped out of the holster and fell in to the toilet bowl. i retrieved it very quickly, dried it with a towel and, removed sim card, used low setting on blow dryer and now have it sitting with the sim card out. at any rate at no time up untill now did the phone give any indication that it would start up. so the screen is dark. any suggestions as to whether i could get the phone to work
thanks in advance

imac intel, Mac OS X (10.4.10), iphone
  • apitana Level 1 (0 points)
    you have to make sure that your phone is totally dry, not only outside, but also inside. There is no certain way to make sure that the inside part is dried up. The only way is to leave it out in a dry area(in a bag of rice, or tissue box will also accelerate the drying process) area for a long time, probably for a few days. Until then, you shouldn't turn it back on as the action may short the electrical circuit inside.

    Other than this, there's no other way unless you open it up and void it, or go to an authorize service shop so that they can open it up and make sure all pieces inside are dried up, or fix the them if needed to.
  • galavanter Level 1 (45 points)
    I hesitate to post this, but this remedy did indeed work for me when I dropped a Motorola phone into the toilet. I put it in the oven, on a low temperature, really low temperature. Make that the lowest temperature setting. I honestly don't remember how long I left it in there. It dried out and worked fine after that. I still have it.

    On the other hand I once knocked a brewing cup of coffee (including wet grounds) on a Powerbook, and that was all she wrote according to Apple. Motherboard and all. But then again I was travelling and did not have easy access to an oven. Good luck.
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    Heaven forbid, if you take it to the Apple Store don't tell them you dropped it in the toilet. "I got some water on it from some splashing and now it doesn't work" is a better way to approach it.

    And if you try that oven-method mentioned above (not recommended) DONT mention that at the Genius Bar.

    It will take some time for it to completely dry out -- inside that is -- don't plug it into anything in the meantime, and don't put headphone cords into it.

    Wait 24 - 48 hours and try resetting it again.
  • Bontemps Level 2 (310 points)
    If you can handle, leave it in a bag of rice for one week. Just to be sure.
  • 4n6doc Level 4 (2,305 points)
    And while you're waiting for the iPhone to dry out, please go buy a more secure holster.
  • galavanter Level 1 (45 points)
    I probably removed the battery from my phone before I put it in the oven. You can't do that. Maybe not a good idea for a wet iPhone.
    I disagree with the suggestion above to be less than candid with Apple. If you really did get water inside, there may be stickers in there designed to change color if wet. They will know.
    Also the battery may have failed and the phone could still be ok. Something to keep in mind if whatever drying method you choose does not result in a working phone.
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    Sorry to be the one to tell you this but your iphone is dead. Same thing happened to me, it never turned back on. The touch screen responds to electrical current produced by your finger tips so the water interacting with the touch screen is not very good. Hope this helped
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    as mentioned it needs to be completely dry. I once dropped a phone in the lake, was there for about 1 min for me to be able to get it up.
    Took it apart as much as I could, blow dried it etc and it would not come back anymore. So I left it for 3 days, then tried again and it worked!
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    Yeah but did you drop an iphone into some water? You see I did and that's why i felt the need to respond the iphone wont turn back on for him. It has to do with the touch screen feature. Been there don that (drying)
  • Waveman Level 3 (930 points)
    It's difficult to predict whether it'll work, but I would give it several days to dry out. Even if it does work, though, it's likely that the iPhone's lifespan will be shortened. This may also depend on what else was in the toilet bowl when the accident occurred.

    If you paid for the iPhone with a credit card, you may be covered for accidental damage. For example, the American Express Gold Card covers damage up to $1,000 for 90 days.
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    "jumped out of your holster?" do you work for my main man Howard Stern? BTW, some fellow claimed to have sirius on his iPhone -- i have tried to get streams -- sorry for the toilet reference -- from sirius to no avail. anyone else have any luck?
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  • Ged Timson Level 1 (15 points)
    This method has worked for me 110% on 3 occassions, twice with mobiles having been dropped in swimming pools, and once with an ipod left out in a storm overnight. On all 3 occassions they were totally dead.

    Take a small plastic box with a lid, put 2 or 3 sachets of silica gel (that stuff that comes with electronic goods, cameras etc - not sure if you can buy it) put them in the box with the iphone and seal the lid.

    Leave for 3 to 4 days and it should be ok.

    It is important on these occassions that you don't keep trying the phone, if it still wet/damp inside then the water could act as a conductor and short circuit something.

    PS. I wish I had one to drop in the toliet, I have to wait unti the autumn!!
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    Don't LIE if they ask about water when you bring/send it back to Apple. Most phones have 'techniques' to recognize if the internals get wet. They will probably know . . . one phone I had contained a white sticker inside, that once wet, turned red.

    I have had great luck reviving electrical devices that have been submerged in water, especially if they where turned off ASAP. The iphone has the inconvenience of an inclosed battery which makes it impossible to shut off without interacting with it (the fastest way to shut off most cell phones is pulling the battery). Leave it off for many days, recharge, then turn back on.

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