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  • Anthony Donnelly Level 2 (330 points)
    Actually no. It was just an error in my thinking. For some reason I had thought the 15" retained the 65W adapter of the Powerbook but was modified with the magsafe. I never had a 15" I guess just never verified that. My mistake.
  • Anthony Donnelly Level 2 (330 points)
    Unimaginable really. Anything can happen to those adapters where you might need a replacement aside from the fraying. Accidently drop it, dog or cat chews the cord, whatever. If you need a replacement you need a replacement. Hard to believe there is no solution in place.

    I haven't tried to call any of the local non-Apple stores in the area such as Mac Outlet. Do you have any smaller non-Apple stores you could try to contact in your neighborhood?
  • clintbradford Level 3 (905 points)
    L A Computer has "version one" 85W MagSafes in stock...

    An authorized Apple dealer.
  • oleus Level 1 (125 points)
    Clint - i will add that to my list of backups if J&R can't deliver. thanks again for everyone chiming in here!

    Anthony - the only local reseller i could find on the Apple site (that i could feasibly get to without battling traffic for 2 hours) didn't have any.

    FYI - we have two HUGE Fry's (if you guys have ever been in a Fry's, you know how much stock they carry), two Microcenters (both of whom have tons of Apple stock) and two of the busiest Apple Stores in the country. Striking out in all of those locations does not bode well for me actually being able to find one anywhere in person

    And as for my concerns with what this all might mean...seems very VERY odd to me given the nature of this project (i.e., absolutely essential for the use of a MBP), especially in light of the heating/fraying issues me and many others (just do a google search) have had with the magsafe adapter after a few months of responsible use.

    I really should go back to the Apple Store, find the guy who told me they were pulled off of the shelf, and see if I can get more info. This is potentially VERY troubling as a business practice, to re-design an item but have a "blackout" period where NO version of the item is attainable without getting lucky with an online retailer who MAY have one of the old ones, products that may or may not have been pulled off of their own Apple Store shelves by Apple....
  • clintbradford Level 3 (905 points)
    If it comes down to it, I will go to LA Computer and pick one up for you tomorrow (Tuesday). I will not make you pay CA sales tax. And I will ship it to you via USPS Next Day Air at cost. Call me at 909-241-7666 or privately email me at
  • oleus Level 1 (125 points)
    thanks Clint, emailed you off-list.
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