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Hey everyone.

Got the following for $5 at a Church Yard Sale:

iMac 350Mhz
Slot Loading CD
128mb RAM
Bondi Color
No Firewire
Airport Card which went straight to my PowerMac G4

The HD was a 6GB with Mac OS X 9.2

When turning it on, it made the normal Apple chime and you could hear the CRT turn on (that static sound or whatnot). The Power light was green.

The screen stayed dark though (not on and black, but off). However, after letting it load for a while, I pushed the power button, which caused the computer to go into hibernation. When waking it back up, the screen turned on and showed the OS (which happened to be messed up)

After swapping out hard drives with my working G4 (Mac OS X 10.3.9), I tried it again.

Again, same problem. Turn on, power button green, one single Apple intro chime, CRT sounds like its turning on, but isn't.

After going into hibernation and waking it back up, the monitor turns on.

Any ideas on what the problem could be?

In addition, the monitor is extremely off color and dim, even after adjusting brightness to the max and calibrating the colors. I've seen three solutions so far by searching, one by replacing the logic board, one by resetting the PRAM, and one by updating firmware. Is there any that would work for this problem the majority of the time? Or should I try the latter two and just take my loss if it's a going CRT and/or logic board?

Thanks for all your help guys and gals.

- KB

MacBook 1.83, PowerMac G4 400 AGP, Mac OS X (10.4.10), HP zv5160 P4 2.8GHz, iMac 350Mhz Bondi