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AamirZing Level 1 Level 1
I was thinking of buying the bluetooth keyboard and mouse from the Apple store, however i have a Powerbook G4 that doesn't have built-in Bluetooth.
I'm running Mac OS 10.4.10 and have a USB Bluetooth Dongle (Belkin F8T009).
Just wanted to know if it would work before I jumped in and spent about £50 on a keyboard and mouse that didn't work.

Powerbook G4 (15"), Mac OS X (10.4.10)
  • Iynque Level 4 Level 4
    I currently use a Kensington Bluetooth EDR dongle. ...Let's just say I'm glad I have a built-in keyboard and mouse to go along with the wireless.

    Whenever I loose my connection, I have to unplug the dongle and turn off the keyboard. I then plug the dongle back in and turn the keyboard back on and everything is fine.

    Everything is okay if my computer goes to sleep or is restarted without cycling the power. However, if I wander away from the computer too long, it seems to forget how to connect to my keyboard, and then I have to do the whole disconnect switch-off procedure above.

    Apart from that, the Kensington dongle I have have works as expected with the keyboard. I often connect my laptop running iTunes in my bedroom to the stereo in my living room and control it with the wireless keyboard. It works well unless I try to go too far away.
  • AamirZing Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the replies, I think I might just stick with a wired Keyboard and Mouse
  • djelektra Level 1 Level 1
    I was having nightmare issues with the Kensington BT adapter. My keyboard was disconnecting all the time. I picked up the Belkin F8T013 BT adapter and have had NO problems with disconnect since or any lagging. So I know for sure this model works. So its worth a try I guess.