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I searched for this info in these forums but couldn't find anything specific to my issue.

I have Yahoo email setup on my iPhone and the push part of it works fine it seems. However...

Why do I only see my inbox folder on the iPhone for this Yahoo email account? With my ISP's POP account and other email accounts (Gmail, etc) I can see ALL the folders I see when I'm using my regular email clients.

When I go into Yahoo email on my computer I see the following folders: Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Spam, Trash.

Why can't I see these on the iPhone? I only see inbox. It's annoying me because sometimes I need to check the spam and sent folders.

Is there a fix? I've checked both iPhone and Yahoo mail settings on the web. Neither seems to address this.


8GB, Windows XP Pro
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    BTW, I forgot to mention. I have two different Yahoo email accounts set up on my iPhone. One shows all the folders it should. My newer account is the one which only shows the inbox. Incidently, this is also the only one of the two yahoo email accounts on my iphone for which I put imap.mail.apple.yahoo.com in the advanced settings. Could this be the reason why I only see the inbox for this account on the iPhone?

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