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Hi everyone,

I am close to purchasing a 20" iMac Core2Duo. I am hesitating between BestBuy and Apple Store.

1) The RAM specs from the one at BestBuy specifies a max expandibility or 2GB of RAM.

2) On the online Apple Store it is specified that the max RAM expandability is 3GB. I am confused!?!

Both stores seem to have the same computer available...It would be less troublesome and quicker for me to purchase the one at BestBuy but I am hesitating due to the expandability.

I called Apple and they claim that the model at BestBuy is an older model but how can I be sure about that? All the specs seems to be the same. They are both 20" iMac Core2Duo 2.16GHz.

How can I find out what the model # is on the one on the Apple site to match it to the BestBuy model #?

Help! Anyone!


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