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I am new to this forum and don't know how to approach my problem. My car was broken into and my macbook pro was stolen.. Regardless of the fact that it is merely impossible for me to get it back is there a way to track the computer or the .mac account on it. I appreciate any help.

mac book pro
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    You cannot track a stolen Mac unless it has a service enabled or you've previously installed tracking software on it.

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    Bummer :-\

    Best call Apple and tell them the serial number/.Mac identity so they can flag it as stolen property.
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    I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your MBP. Hopefully your auto-insurance can help you with replacing it?

    If you have an iTunes account tied to a credit card or Paypal for purchases you may want to contact Apple and have them de-authorize all computers on your account.

    Do you have a hard copy of your serial number? If so you may want to provide this to the Police. Pawn shops are required by law to report serial numbers to the police to be cross checked against theft. Of course this doesn't do much good if they keep it themselves or sell it privately, but you never know. Some thieves are dumber than others.

    Reporting it to Apple helps as mentioned above. If it is brought in for repair after being reported the records for the serial number will indicate it has been stolen.

    Check eBay listings for sales of MBP's in your area as well. You might get lucky and have it show up if someone is looking to sell it. You can narrow your eBay search down to X amount of miles from your zip code.
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    It is most important you report it to the authorities as stolen. Inform them the serial number is in the battery bay and what that serial number is. Apple basically states that in their knowledgebase article about stolen machines:


    In the future consider Lapcop or Lojack for your notebook. As well as a Kensington lock around an immobile part of the house (a desk is not immobile).
    And always keep your data backed up*.

    - * Links to my pages may give me compensation.

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    Hi - my macbook pro was just stolen yesterday. Reported it to the police and provided the serial number. Now I am trying to follow the advice on this thread and contact Apple to flag my computer as stolen property.

    My local retail person said they have no way to do this, and gave me the Apple Care 800 number. I am currently on hold.

    Has anyone successfully gotten Apple to make a record of the theft? If so, is there some trick or procedure to it? Thanks!!
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    I'll answer my own question: the Apple Care guy was totally helpful. Made a note in my record, reminded me to change my AppleID password, which will now stop people from buying any iTunes stuff with my credit card.

    I guess calling the local retail store isn't the way to report something like this.
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    Ask your local police department which pawn shops you should contact with your information.