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Newbie iTunes user. ITunes occassionally does not put all songs in the same folder when ripping a CD. For example, when ripping Alicia Keys Unplugged, a few of the songs (the duets, featuring "x" artist) are placed in separate folders. This a big inconvenience particularly in the future when I rip my 500+CDs completely.

Also, why do some discs get placed in a "compilation" folder (ie Movie soundtracks).

All I want is for ALL CDs to be ripped into separate folders; first grouped by artist and then subgrouped by album, ALL the time. Also, I want to eliminate any album placed into the compilation folder.

Is this possible? What settings do I specify? Any other tips. Thank you in advance.

Windows XP, iTunes latest version
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    When a CD is broken up into multiple folders it is because of the different artist listings. As you know iTunes sorts by artist tag first. If the CD has more than one artist it will be split up unless you turn on compilation. Another option it to use the album artist field available in iTunes. For an album, Alicia Keys Unplugged, set the album artist to Alicia Keys. iTunes then stores the files in folder based on album artist tag. The next option, that I sometimes use, is to edit the tags to remove the extra artist.

    Most if not all of these tag changes can be made before ripping the CD. After getting CD info from iTunes just edit the info before ripping. The changes will be put into the tags.
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    If you have an album by an artist but with some duets, you can use the Album Arisit field to allocate the artist you want. You can access this with get info. If you haven't already discovered you can edit multiple tracks at the same time.

    You can also display an album artist column using View>options.

    If iTunes is organising your music, the album artist will be used to allocate tracks to the artist folder.

    There is also a compilation checkbox in get info, if it is checked then the album goes into the compilation folder.

    Oops, sorry camoracer - we posted together

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    No worries. Your explanations are often clearer than mine.
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    Thanks for the responses.

    Just confirming: It appears the best way to rip CDs with iTunes (as I desire) is to first edit info before ripping. Then we can specify info as I feel appropriate.

    To do this, I go to Preferences/Advanced/Importing, and select ON CD INSERT "SHOW CD" or "ASK TO IMPORT CD"?
    I previously had the setting set to "IMPORT CD".

    Then check Album info and make sure artist and album info is the same for each song and edit if necessary.

    Then I go to the CD (under Devices), and right click, "Get info". Edit genre. I don't want anything to go into the compilation folder, but I do want all songs from one album to stay in one folder. Should I check "compilation CD"?

    Then how do I import?

    I appreciate any info. For an Apple product, iTunes is not as intuitive as it should be (at least in my opinion).

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    Ok, just read Polydorus' post and played around a bit.

    I should not check the "compilation CD" box (or uncheck) if I do not want any albums sent to the compilation folder.

    Regarding my previous post; after going through the above steps (please confirm) to import:

    I need to highlight all songs and select convert to AAC (I will rip AAC best quality).

    Does this sound appropriate?

    Thank you.
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    Set the preferences to 'ask to import', this will give you a chance to edit info if you want.

    Compilation setting depends on what you want. You say you do not want anything in compilation folder and that you want all tracks from a disc together. If you don't want compilation folder then never set anything to compilation. You do have another option for discs with multiple artists or guest artists. Set the album artist field to be the main artist for the disc. iTUnes will save the tracks based on album artist field instead of artist field. Album artist overides artist field if it is filled in.
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    Thanks. Appreciate the input.