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I guess this could apply to all headset/mic combos but ....

How is the iPhone headset picking up the microphone information and sending it to the iPhone?

How is the audio information [technically] transmitted to the iPhone? Does that mean that iPhone has some sort of chip to process information in the reverse? Does that mean the headphone port could hypothetically be used as a microphone port also [like the iPods]?

Thanks for any help

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    well it's really simpler than you're implying. the headphone jack on the headset is a little different from a standard headset jack one in that there is an extra band which i assume is for the microphone signal.

    the microphone is embedded in the cord of the headset so it sits near the mouth. simple but it works. i'm sure someone in china will create a new accessory so that the iphone can record jam sessions for us mandolin pickers!


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  • Joe Zobkiw Level 1 Level 1
    Also, has anyone found another WIRED earbud/mic combo that works? I have all these 2.5mm headsets - I guess I need an adapter. Any suggestions to convert the iPhone jack to one that will work with standard 2.5mm or 3.5mm headset jacks?
  • markdr Level 1 Level 1
    there's quite a few adapters on the market for this now specifically designed for the iPhone. I purchased the Belkin version which was available at the Mac store just because it was the first I saw. AT&T as well as Apple's site lists them under 'Accessories' for the iPhone.
    Hope that helps!

    ps - I am not certain which, if any, will work with another headphone / mic combo, but Ive had no problem using other standard headsets with the iPhone to listen to music and watch videos
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    There is nothing with a "click control" at this time, although SHURE is releasing an adapter later this summer.

    V-Moda vibe-duos have a microphone on the headcord. No manual control.

    For 2.5 to 3.5 adapter, go to Radio Shack or purchase an adapter on eBay for a couple bucks.

    Make sure you bring your iPhone with you to Radio Shack, because not all adapters fit into the recessed phone opening. If that is the case, you will need something like the Belkin adapter at Apple 8.95
  • SWL Level 1 Level 1
    The technical explanation of the extra band is a 'tip-ring-sleeve' jack or TRS connector.
  • Joe Zobkiw Level 1 Level 1
    I was under the impression that the Belkin adapter would only work for headPHONES and not a single-ear/mic headSET...maybe I'll have to check it out...so the Belkin "dongle" then a 3.5 to 2.5 adapter...I might as well get a few oxygen tanks to hang off this thing!

    Thanks for the info!

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    A company called Rivet makes an earbud/mic combo that I have been using for about a week now. I am pretty happy with it. Found them on Amazon for about $20. They are the in the ear canal style which fit me much better than the stock buds. The switch is much larger, but seems to work the same as Apple's.
  • badtz Level 2 Level 2
    is the microphone information being processed on the same chip (I'm assuming the same one that processes the voice for the microphone on the phone itself)?
  • SFC @rcher Level 2 Level 2
    I also have purchased the Rivet headset found at: www.rivetnow.com and am very happy with the $30.00 purchase.

    These headphones work EXACTLY the same as the iPhone headset. Double click sends to next song, pause with single click, fades with incoming call and when I tested with my wife the sound was crystal clear.

    The cord is cloth so is tangle free, forms loop to go around neck so that you can remove and they don't fall to ground. Plugs into the iPhone without modification and BEST of ALL has in the ear buds to stay put!!! Comes with three different size silicone buds.

    Sounds better then the iPhone headphones in the Bass department. Full volume, had to turn mine down cause it was killin my ears. Sounds like a $70 set of headphones for half the cost. They are not Bose but something I would carry with me and WILL use everyday.

    For those that cant stand the apple headphones and like in the canal buds for a great price...I highly recommend!

    Good Luck!