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I have an IPod Nano that is approximately 2 years old. Recently I plugged it into my computer to charge it, and after about 30 seconds I noticed a burning metal/ozone type smell. I picked up the IPod, and the top (above the screen) was so hot it burned my fingers. I immediately unplugged the IPod from the USB port, and turned it on, and it still worked. I did all the steps to reset and restore the Nano, plugged it back in to re-sync my songs, and it did the same thing. I tried a different computer, as well as a wall-charger I borrowed from a friend, and it happened on all of them. I then tried leaving it plugged in for a bit longer (about 2 minutes), and this time when I unplugged and turned it on, the screen was all messed up (fuzzy and hard to read), but after a few seconds it cleared up. The problem is my IPod is almost out of battery charge, and I can't charge it without burning it up. Can anyone give me any pointers or what I'd need to do to get it fixed, or am I going to need to buy a new IPod? Thanks!

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    sounds like a component, maybe a decoupling capacitor, although it might be the display module itself, has shorted and that there's not enough power to burn it out (and clear the problem) so it just gets hot

    apple's repair fee is probably not worth it, but if you search with google/whatever for a repair service in your country you might find a more economic price

    an alternative would be to open the ipod and see if you can remove the component that is overheating, or replace the subassembly that contains it

    there's a guide to doing this here, they also sell spares...

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    If you smelled the iPod was burning, and you felt it overheat, why would you keep plugging it in to other computers and wall chargers?