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here's the deal, google refuses to load. this is happening on both my macbook and on mom's macbook pro, although it still loads on our pc.

our internet connection is wireless.

also, slowly other websites take longer to load on our mac or just half load...eventhough all this works on our pc.

i've come to the conclusion that it isn't our internet connection because on non-macs, it works just fine.

by the way our trouble with internet is both safari and firefox.

is this just our computers? is there a way to fix it?

thank you so much for your help!

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.0. x)
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    Your problem is with the Macs, you loaded this into the Windows forum.
  •  Andy Level 2 Level 2 (170 points)
    Well usually when I have a few (but not all) of the computers on my network with internet connection problems, I point fingers at my router. It'd be helpful to know what brand of router you're using. I'd make try to

    1) Make sure you have a valid (not self-assigned) IP address in System Preferences->Network.

    2) Turn off router and computer firewalls.

    3) Try connecting with a wire, see if it's the wireless settings that are giving you fits.

    4) Make sure you are not using any custom port forwarding.

    It might be simple hardware failure, but trying these things first might tell you more about what exactly is wrong on the network.
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    I have the exact same problem. Google or any Google affiliated websites refuse to load completely (even ones with just Google ads!).

    All other computers in the house work (I am the only Mac). If I connect directly to the wired network it will work. If I connect over wireless using Vidalia onion routing software (sort of like a proxy I think?) it will also work. Personal firewall is off. Google works at school/on other networks.

    If you've found a way to fix this problem then please, please tell me because I really need Google back.
  • Kate Palese2 Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    I'm having the same problem. It was just slow but today plain won't load. I've turned things off, cleared history, done the obvious. I need new Ideas! I can't ask google as anything with "google in the address won't bloody work!

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    Same problem here Apple. Please give me a solution.
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    I am also having this problem except it isn't only google. Most websites work but some (ex. google or cnn.com) just won' load. My wife uses Mail and that won't work either. My PC on the same network is working fine. Could this be due to a virus?
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    My problem spontaneously disappeared on its own. But if yours hasn't, try using OpenDNS at www.opendns.com

    For some reason, plugging in those new DNS settings allowed me to go to certain areas of Google but not others. Who the heck knows why.

    BTW I'm on a Macbook Pro Tiger 10.4.10, not Windows.
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    I unplugged my router then plugged it back in. Everything works fine now. Stupid but effective.
  • The hatter Level 9 Level 9 (60,880 points)
    Some routers are better at wireless than others, and some are not working well with Mac OS (Tiger). If your router is older than a couple years, look for one that is "Vista" certified (I doubt you'll see "Tiger Certified" but that would help too).

    Tiger rewrote networking with 10.4.0 which caused lots of problems and needed new drivers and software and issues for IT and organizations and LAN users. And it has gone on since. Intel Macs seem to be more prone to wireless networking issues as well.

    My wired router worked, but sometimes more slowly than it should or than I liked (and was about 4 yrs old). Bought same model, only 4th generation instead of 1st, and has been fine. Was also nice to be able to run Windows to compare (my ISP wanted to send someone out iwth a laptop and with XP - they don't really "support" Mac OS). And supported 10/100, not just 10Mb.

    Some routers just need firmware update. But given that a router no longer costs $100+ (nor do modems) and you can get all-in-one modem w/ router/switch sometimes that is the best option.
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    Same problem here. The PC machines in the house where I live can load google sites every time, but I can't. It's an intermittent but frequent problem. It happens for me on Firefox or Safari. It appeared suddenly a few months back, but I hadn't made any changes. I will try a new router, but I'm very confused as to why this is happening. A quick search reveals many, many people are having this problem, so it seems likely that it is something that isn't specific to one machine or user but is common. I would hate to buy a new router. More ideas?
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    If it's a problem in both Firefox and Safari, then it's not the browser; it's something on your machine or your network.

    Have you tried seeing if rebooting (flushing the DNS entries from the cache) helps any?