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I do not want the option of 'private browsing' on our home computer. Our family shares the computer and I like to be able to do a quick scan of the history to make sure all sites visited are appropriate for the kiddos. Is there a way to not allow private browsing? Also, how can I go back and see what was visited when the private browsing feature was on? Is there any way? Thanks.
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    Hi 3062user,

    What kind of browser you are using ??

    To help you better an give you the right advice, please list your computer specs here In Discussions sidebar - - - -> Go to Preferences > My computer and tell us your model, iMac, eMac, PwrMac, etc. G3, G4, G5, 000 MB RAM, 000 MHz, System 9.x, 10.2.x 10.3.x. 10.4. All on your blue Apple pull down menu > "About this Mac" (Also, 000 GB HD, if you know it.) This helps us help you better.

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    I changed my settings to reflect the information you asked for. I do not know the _GB HD but will try to find out. In answer to the brower type--would that be Safari? Thanks for your help.
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    +Also, how can I go back and see what was visited when the private browsing feature was on? Is there any way? Thanks.+

    Apple probably spent millions of dollars developing parental controls that will do exactly what you want - automatically. Even if you could disable private browsing they could still manually delete the history and such... If you really feel the need to spy on them then I would monitor the router. Most routers have a log, and then if you see something you don't like you can copy and paste it in the block site field.
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    How would I check the router log? I don't think I need to spy on them all the time, I just want to check on them periodically to make sure things are as they should be. At least if anyone cleared the history, it would be obvious. Its a nice feature, this private browsing, but not for a family computer.
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    The router log thing is a good idea. You have the ability to block certain sites, and times for services.

    Also, you may want to look into something like opendns.com.

    It will allow you to block certain types of sites from being visited as well as monitor what sites have been visited as well.

    Hope that helps.
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    You can also check the swapfiles and sleepfile loacted in "var/vm". The swap file may contain information from Safari.
    The sleepfile is the contents of your RAM when you put the computer to sleep, and depending upon the acivity of the computer, there is a reasonable chance that Safari information will be loacted in this file. You will need root privledges to dump these contents to a text file and then it will take time to persue the file.
    A router log is probably your best bet, if available.