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I am running an Airport Express wireless network in my house, which provides internet access for 5 devices - 2 Intel Core Solo Mac Mini's, 1 Windows XP PC, 1 Belkin Skype Phone, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. I am having connection problems on my Mac Mini's in that everytime one of them is booted, it will not automatically connect to the wireless network, and I have to go to the Airport Extreme icon in the menu bar and select the wireless network I want to connect to. This has been happening for a while on one of the Mac's, but on another (in the same room as the Airport Express) has only been happening for a week - since I changed the wireless security on the network from WPA 2 Personal to WEP (The Nintendo DS only works with WEP secured Wireless Networks, not WPA ones).

Any help would be appreciated, as on the Mac in the same room as the Airport Express iChat is set to load on startup, and every time it does it says it cant connect to the network. I have installed all the latest updates and this does not help.

Thanks for your help

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.4.10)