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Suzanne Reagan Level 1 Level 1
yesterday we took some video with our digital camera. when we came home and put it (and the pics) into iphoto, we could rotate the pics we took, but not the video.
can anyone help me?

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  • Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10

    You'll need Quicktime Pro to rotate the video. It's a rather more involved process that simply rotating a pic.

    Open the file in QuickTime Player Pro.
    Choose Get Movie Properties from the Movie menu (or press Command-J).
    Select Video Track from the left-hand popup menu.
    Select Size from the right-hand popup menu.
    Use one of the rotate buttons (the circular arrows) to rotate the clip.
    Save the file.

    You can purchase QT Pro at the online Apple Store.


  • Smtr Level 5 Level 5

    My Canon PowerShot came with a little movie editing utility that will rotate video clips. I would never have known it was there, until one day I happened to be playing with the Canon's software and I stumbled upon it. It might be worth looking at the software that came with your camera.