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Hello all.

I don't know what happened but my Itunes original library has been deleted. I originally thought that if I restarted my computer my library would come back. However, when I restarted nothing happened with the library and when I connected my ipod it asked me to create a new library with only the purchased songs and I guess that's what I did. But now when I connect my ipod itunes it tells me that "ipod an sync only one library at a time and says that erasing and syncing replaces the contents of this ipod with the contents of this itunes library". but i'm afraid to sync and replace because I don't want it to erase my original library that I had because I'm not sure which library will get deleted and replaced. My question is, how can I get it to show my original library without deleting any of the new items that I have downloaded?

dell inspiron, Windows XP
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    Are all your songs still in the usual folder(s) on your computer? Try holding down the Shift key in Windows when launching iTunes 7. In the resulting dialogue you will get the option to create a new library or navigate to an existing one. The default location for your iTunes library is in \Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\. Look in there and see if you have more than one library file (they have the extension .itl) If you have more than one try opening them in turn, you may find your original library is still intact.

    If your iPod is set to update automatically you just need to take care connecting to an empty iTunes. You can use a keyboard command to prevent your iPod auto-syncing with iTunes. While connecting the iPod to the computer on Windows with iTunes 7 installed hold down the Control and Alt keys). This will stop the iPod from auto-syncing with iTunes and the iPod will appear in the source list. Wait until you are sure the iPod has mounted, and that it will not auto sync and then you can let the keys go. This may take between 20 to 30 seconds depending on your computer: iTunes 7 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

    Your iPod should appear in the iTunes source list from where you can change the update setting to manual and use your iPod without the risk of accidentally erasing it. Check the "manually manage music and videos" box in Summary then press the Apply button: Managing content manually on iPod