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I am using a Mac Mini with OS 10.4.10 and Windows XP in Boot Camp. I have a new pair of BT headphones (Motorola HT820) that work fine to listen to music on the Mac side of the house. However, I cannot get them to play the music from Windows Media Player 11 in Boot Camp.

Do I need additional software or hardware to get the headphones to work in Boot Camp or should the Mac Mini be able to handle this out of the box?

Thanks very much for any help.


MacMini, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Bootcamp provides a partition tool and drivers for the Mac hardware-that is all it does. After you install windows-it is a windows install.
    Go get drivers for your blue tooth headset from the manufacturer.

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    Motorola tech support provided absolutely no help to solve this problem.

    I'm no expert on bluetooth so these questions are definitely from a beginner.

    I have been led to believe that sometimes it is necessary to plug a USB adapter into a computer in order to properly pair the bluetooth signal. Obviously, I haven't had to do this on the Mac side to listen to music but I was trying to find out if I need the adapter on the Windows side in Boot Camp or whether the bluetooth signal coming from the Mac Mini makes this unnecessary. I could be wrong but I thought the adapters were necessary when the computer (laptop or desktop) has no bluetooth signal capability. In Boot Camp, I am able to discover the Motorola wireless headphones in the bluetooth section of the Control Panel in Windows XP.

    Secondly, I keep reading about the need for A2DP capability to make the wireless headphones work properly but thought some recent bluetooth setups had this built in. Perhaps this depends on the answer to the first question above, but is additional software necessary to provide A2DP capability or does the bluetooth signal coming from the Mini Mac make this unnecessary on the Boot Camp side?

    Again, I may not be asking these questions quite right but I would appreciate some guidance from someone who has a similar setup.

    Thanks very much for any comments.

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    hey what steps did you do to pair your mac mini with the ht820? i wanted to buy this kind of headset. but upon reading many forums that it doesn't work on Intel mac, i hesitated in buying one.
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    I set the Motorola headphones to pairing mode and then went into the BT area under System Preferences to pair the headphones with the Mac. I also had to go into the Sound area under System Preferences to make sure the sound was sent through the headphones rather than the computer speakers. However, once I got the headphones working on the Mac side, I found the quality of music transmitted through them was not very good (iTunes to the headphones).

    I also use a Palm TX which has BT and lots of music on it. When I use the headphones to listen to music transmitted from the Palm to the BT headphones, the sound is very high quality.

    Because of this, I have sort of concluded that the BT connection in the MiniMac might be subject to some sort of interference and I'm not sure if there is some way to fix this.

    I have given up on trying to get the headphones to work with Windows Media Player since I can listen to the music from the Palm without any problem.

    Hope this helps.