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I have a video in .avi format, with an associated .srt subtitle file. I can play the two together using VLC, however I'd like to burn the subtitles to the video. I've seen some explanations for how to do this, however they all require programs that seem to be for people much more involved in manipulating audio and video - I'm just looking for a easy wa to add subtitles. Any ideas on where I could find this? I don't have QT Pro, however I am able to convert the avi files to QT movie files, using Divx Doctor.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    By 'burn the subtitles to the video' I am assuming you mean you want the subtitles permanently added to the video image (meaning you cannot turn them off later).

    I believe ffmpegX can do this, but a far easier option is a utility called SubMerge see http://www.bitfield.se/submerge/index.html

    Note: While QuickTime itself has appallingly poor support for subtitles, Perian a QuickTime component, can apparently let QuickTime play .srt files along with the video.
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    Actually, I've been playing around with the new Closed Caption Importer component


    I like the look of it and it just needs to be fleshed out to be more user friendly for the creation of captions, but it's following a standard that allows the captions to be inside the movie file. (Some of the tools I've found convert .scc to .srt.. with QuickTime able to read the .scc, it should make it easier)

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    I thought I would try the Perian option first, since it looked easiest - however I just wanted to confirm I was going about this the right way. I installed the Perian QT component, made sure the .srt file was of the same name as the .mov file it goes with, and in the same folder, and tried to open the file with QT. Sadly, no subtitles. Interestingly, when I do the same thing with VLC the subtitles come up no problem. Ordinarily I would just use VLC as a solution - however my main focus here is to get the playback over FrontRow, so at some point I need it to work with QT...
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    Tried out the Submerge option instead - which worked out perfectly, and was ultimately what I had in mind at the beginning. It wasn't free, but it was hardly expensive either - seems like a great app in other ways as well.

    Thanks for the help!