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Jyrki Kallio Level 1 Level 1 (60 points)
I was most disappointed to realise, after trying out the trial version, that Pages still has no option for inserting soft hyphens. That lack of features renders Pages virtually useless for those using languages currently unsupported by Pages, such as Finnish. Pages is meant for producing nice-looking fliers and simple DTP products, but how to make a presentable document without the ability to hyphenate?

Even if Pages had language support for Finnish, soft hyphenation would still be useful. I doubt the automatic hyphenation ever works prefectly with all words. And adding the ability to insert soft hyphens would make it less necessary to keep adding support for new languages.

I have given feedback to Apple about this issue many times ever since the publication of iWork '05, but unfortunately of no avail. Without soft hyphenation, Pages remains just a toy, not a tool.

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