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If anyone says "do a search" I'm quitting this and buying a PC. I've been searching for an answer for hours.

Anyway, is this possible? My sister can do it with her PC-laptop and I really like the feature. Just so I can watch DVDs etc. on the TV instead of on the laptop screen.

I haven't purchased the laptop yet, just weighing up my options...I've never had an apple computer before and must say I'm alrady decidedly put off by their service. I mean is there anyway to email these people to ask a simple question before I spend 3000 Euros???

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi there, don't sell it yet! There are a few options for this but basically you will not have any problem at all in connecting your MBP to a TV - provided the TV has got a decent range of inputs!

    If you have a newish and decent Plasma you can connect via VGA. If not then you can get an adaptor to fit most options such as the one below which will provide you with sound and S Video:-

    http://store.apple.com/Apple/WebObjects/ukstore.woa/wa/RSLID?mco=6C04E099&nplm=M 9267

    I used to connect my Powerbook to my Plasma and it worked really well. Once connected you can view DVD's (via the drive or captured via backup to the HD) or, perhaps, DIVX files.....

    Best of luck

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    Thank Michael.

    I find it quite annoying that Apple are not directly contactable through the Internet to answer things like this. Do they expect people to fork over large quantities of cash with next to zero sales service?

    Anyway, thanks for your reply.

    How many USB ports to the MacBook Pros typically have? Any idea?

    Thanks again.
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    You can contact staff at Apple. There's a 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of every page on the Apple site. There's also a 'Support' button at the top of every page which contains links for contacting them. Regardless of those options the best way to get answers to a question is usually on the forum site you're using now.

    To find the answer to a question as simple as "How many USB ports to the MacBook Pros typically have?" all you need to do is look at the MacBook Pro page on the Apple site. That page says that the 15" MacBook Pro has 2 USB ports and the 17" has 3.

    Also, the forum you're currently posting in is for the Mac Pro, not the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro forum is here.
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    I missed the bit about the fact you have not purchased it yet! Anyway, best of luck with the purchase and I am sure you will not regret it. The MacBook Pro is a superb bit of kit and the Mac OS far superior (IMHO) to the windows options.

    Best of luck and be sure to check out the MB forum for more advice!

    Cheers, Michael