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It starts up, hd activity heard, apple logo appears with backlight then the hd stops and it shuts down only to start again. Connecting to wall jack or computer has no effect. Resetting had no effect or didnt work at all. As i was writing this thread the battery finally died. I plugged it back into the computer. The ipod didnt light but it gave the message 'please wait, very low battery'. A few minutes later the loop starts again. It is still plugged into computer. The batteries die again, message reappears and so on... uninstalled itunes, restarted computer, reinstalled itunes. Plug ipod into computer, please wait message reappears and so does the loop.

I was having problems with itunes crashing in vista lately but thats no big surprise. Anybody experience the same? Hoping on not having to use extended warranty but its there.

80 Gig ipod, Windows Vista, amd 4200 2gig ram
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    I just tried plugging it into my friends cpu and the exact same thing is happening. Message appears with no light. Ipod is not recognized by windows. Ipod charges till it can start cycle again then dies and repeat.
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    My ipod is still stuck
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    Mine is doing the same thing!

    Is there any answer that you found?

    Last time it did this, I was able to get in and restore it. But now it's cycling so fast, I can't get iTunes to recognize my iPod, which means I can't get in there and restore it or do anything!


    Also, this is the second time it's done it, and both times have occurred after plugging into another computer.

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    When ipod is disconnected form the computer and the "cycle" is running, force it into a disc mode by pressing middle and play button for 5-7 seconds, than connect it to a pc. Than safetly remove hardware. and that should work.
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    This worked, ex_treme!

    At first it did not. I forced it into Disk Mode and connected it to my PC. But then it said it couldn't restore my iPod because it was in use. I went to My Computer and selected "Eject Disk." It did not want to do that, saying that it was in use, but I knew that it wasn't. So I kept saying "Yes."

    I reset my iPod once it was disconnected from the computer, which appeared to do nothing. Then I forced it into Disk Mode again. I connected it to the computer, and this time when it appeared in iTunes, I clicked on "Enable Disk Use" and hit apply.

    I'm not sure why that setting was turned off; it should not have been, but it was. (Maybe from the last time it screwed up and I had to restore it?)

    Once I did that, then I hit RESTORE and it seems to have worked. (I haven't disconnected my iPod yet to check; it is only half-way through syncing my songs.)

    I'll report back once I know for sure.

    Hopefully, it's not premature to say a big THANK YOU!

    ETA: Nope! It worked! Thank you so much!

    Now, what I would like to know is why? Why did it do this in the first place?

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    Ehh. That was just a nasty bug. ipods have a few of them.