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Hi, i'm a student @ UF and i want to try to sync up my webmail (student email) to my phone but i have an EXTREMELY limited knowledge about these things...

i knwo i go to settings, then mail, then add account... but i dont know what stuff to fill in the boxes short of my username & password

heres the link to the webmail site:
https://webmail.ufl.edu/login.do;jsessionid=C565E3424B39FB97144801DA43A67CFA.gat ormail_p2b

i dont know what an incoming mail server is or an outgoing mail server or what that imap or pop or exchange thing is

please help
thanks for your time

Sony Vaio, Windows XP
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    This information is available at the website you provided - via the link at the bottom of the page named Computing and Networking Services.

    Do you have a CNS account or a GatorLink account since there is a difference with the account settings for each?

    Copied from the website regarding email client setup.

    The UF Computing Help Desk, (352) 392-HELP, is available to answer any question concerning the configuration and use of personal computer e-mail clients with GatorLink or CNS e-mail service, and questions about using the UF Software CD-ROM.

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    i clicked that link and i'm kinda lost again

    i believe i have a gatorlink account, but i dont see what to do once i click the "computing & networking services" link

    sorry if i'm not understanding something thats really clear, i dont mean to be annoying :-/
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    yeah i called the computing help desk they said "sorry but we're unfamiliar with the iphone we cant help you"
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    Have you thought about transferring to another school?
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    well thats not helpful at all.
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    Don't tell the Help Desk you are using an iPhone since this makes no difference.

    This is the information you need:

    Your email address and email account password which I'm sure you already know.

    Account Type - IMAP or POP. Based on the website, you have an option so if you plan on accessing your email account with the iPhone and with another email client on your Sony Vaio such as Outlook Express or Outlook and/or via webmail access via the webmail website - you should choose IMAP.

    The incoming mail server address for accessing the account as an IMAP account.

    The user name format - this is usually the portion of your email address in front of the @ sign only but with some providers it is your entire email address. I believe it is the portion of your email address in front of the @ sign only for UF.

    The outgoing mail server address or SMTP server.

    Is the outgoing mail server or SMTP server password authenticated?

    Any other settings such as using SSL for the incoming and outgoing mail servers?

    Get these questions answered and you are well on your way.
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    Try this.
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    i managed to find this site:


    thanks so much for pointing me that way, i wouldnt have found it without you, that told me exactly what to type in to each line

    and it works! yay!
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    Try This - It will get you close.:

    In iPhone Settings:
    Click Mail/Add Account/Other
    Sekect IMAP

    Name <your name>
    Address <your e-mail address>
    Description <My GatorMail>

    Incoming Mail Servier
    Host Name <imap.nersp.nerdc.ufl.edu>
    User Name <your user name when you log into webmail>
    Password <your passsword when you log into webmail>

    Outgoing Mail Server
    Host Name: <smtp.nerdc.ufl.edu:587>
    User Name <same as above>
    Password <same as above>

    Note: do not type the brackets, just what is inside them!
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    you rock too appleman

    the stuff you told me to type in is almost exactly what i found on that last link i posted. i appreciate all the help, thanks
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    That is it - that is what I found. There are two different accounts but it sounds like you found what you need.