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This should help out those who are freaking out about deleting audio in clips. This is what you do, as it seems a little tricky. 1.) Click the "Adjust audio button", then seleect the clip you want to mute the audio from. 2.) in the Audio Adjustment window, select "Reduce volume of other tracks" and slide the fader to 0". Select Done. This may or may not work first time. If it does, great, if it doesn't, select the clip again and repeat step 2. This worked for me. I'm finding this program to be better and better the more I use it. Still needs some work though, and the video quartz effects missing from old version.

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    This is nice for muting a clip, but audio extraction in iMovie '06 meant that you could separate the audio track from a video clip. This allowed you to play the audio from one clip over top the video of another clip. This functionality, sadly, is missing in '08.
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    I should of said that this workaround helped to isolate the audio from the clips, which I believe, is what most people are trying to do with their movies so they can insert their own soundtrack. In my case, mute is the same as delete, except the audio is still physically there. What Apple should have done, is use the "hide" technique for audio, like in new iPhoto. Anyways, I uploaded the music video for my band using the .Mac Web Gallery. Check out what I did using the new iMovie '08. http://gallery.mac.com/altctrlsleep#100000

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    seems iMovie is now for absolute dummies. leaving out extract audio is a crime. yes the work around will be drag your imported clip out of imovie extract or save it as a sound file in say Qtime pro. then import from itunes and then try to allign the sound back to your clip. while turning you original sound off.. big lemon there guys..
    And you can only apply sound changes to the whole clip. what happened to the dipping of sound in the last 4 versions of imovie.
    i suppose with so many windoz users coming to the mac this amatuer app has to be dumbed down..
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    To extract audio: select a range of a clip in the Events Browser, then press cmd-shift and drag the clip to the project. This drags just the audio and lets you attach it to any clip in the project.
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    Thanks, I'll give it a try. But, where in the documentation is this stated?
    It doesn't seem obvious.
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    Yesterday I read at some site that you could use Garageband to edit iMovies audio, adding multiple tracks and add markers. I don't know if they were referring to chapter markers as I've never use GB. Can't find the site where I read that, my age showing. Those GBers out there might check to see if that's true.

    Do you Twango?

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    This is like taking iMovie back to version 2.0. In terms of features present, I think that is an accurate statement. Apple ahs basically thrown away 4 versions worth of upgrades and features and turned this programme into something completely useless for anyone except the most basic of people. If this is there plan then I hate to see what they have in store for the rest of the iLife suite....
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    no this sounds easy. i read this in help notes online. but it doesnt work the same or with good effect and just plain doesnt work sometimes. and how can you dip sound in the middle of a clip. all require work arounds.. the sad thing is 'extract audio' is not in the advanced menu. because iMovie now seems to be "not advanced" .
    if it was as easy as you suggested then it would be in a menu.
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    It's going to be difficult to use this workaround to do a decent sounding cut-away.