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I seem to have deleted an application, iDVD. I'd like to reinstall it from the install CD that came with our iMac. Will the install CD recognize that only one application is missing from the bundled software and install that one only, or is there another way to install just the one application? I don't want to install any other software as I've updated some of the other applications.

Our iMac came loaded with OS 10.4.7, now running 10.4.10.


iMac Intel Core 2, Choose, 2GHz,1GB,160 GB. Also iBook G3:900 MHz,640 MB,40 GB
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    iDVD is part of the iLife software which is contained in the Pre-bundled Software on the OS X Installer Disc One. If you cannot select only the iDVD application through the installer then try this:

    Restoring Lost OS X Files

    If you erase or otherwise "lose" an OS X system application or utility (such as Mail or Disk Utility, for example) you can restore them without having to reinstall OS X.

    Download the shareware utility Pacifist. Read the documentation. Use Pacifist to extract a fresh copy of the missing application from the file archives on your OS X Installer disc. The file archives are usually found on the installer disc in the /System/Installations/ folder.

    After restoring the application you need to reinstall the OS X Combo Updater for the version of OS X you currently have installed. This assures the new copy of the application is updated to the current version.

    Lastly, it's a good idea to repair permissions.
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    Thanks, the bundled software on the install disc allowed me to install one of the applications by deselecting all the other ones.