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I picture the Numbers development team anxiously reading this board and near tears because of the discouraging reports of poor performance.

I'd like to give them a word of encouragement - remember, nobody gives you feedback like this unless they care about the product and want it to improve.

More to the point, I think Numbers' design is wonderful - it has more innovation in one or two features than the Excel guys put in their whole product!

I hear a lot about people with megabytes worth of spreadsheets that can't convert to Numbers. But it's not just huge and complex data sets. I took 8,500 rows of data from my Google Adsense results and found Numbers would beachball when I just clicked on two columns and attempted to change them to currency.

Even when I tried a smaller 550 row data set and did the same thing, it took over a minute of beachballing before it converted.

So I am in a truly sad position - someone who loves Numbers and its potential but can't really use it .

I look forward to further updates.

Or am I doing something wrong?


PS One relatively minor nit that should be easy to fix: My Google data, coming out with an extension of .csv, is really tab delimited. It might be wise to check for tab delimited formats when csv is spotted. For anyone gappling with this issue, the solution is to change the extension to txt, and Numbers will see it correctly. But it would be nice if .CSV worked because the default program to open .txt files is generally not Numbers.

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    Indeed the CPU usage is far from good (99% for my example in sheets with 150 rows and 40 columns).
    But the major problem what makes it useless at the moment is:

    using cell references like "=$A3+B$6" is completely set as error reference when you save the file and re-open it. That is so unbelievable and costs me 5h of work and money. I'm really disappointed to this because after I first saved my file and re-opened it I thought I made a mistake and re-referenced the cells. But saven it the second time und re-open it showed the same error. **** it!!
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    Indeed the CPU usage is far from good

    Yes, I noticed that just having numbers open in the dock with no files open caused it to use more memory than even Safari-the-notorious.