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Hey everyone!
I am in a really really reeaaally deep hole. I just dropped $3000 and got a Yamaha Motif XS8. I know how to use Logic Pro 7, and I know how to use the Motif, but I have no idea on how to connect them and make them talk to each other. I basically want to record using the sounds in the Motif in Logic (in midi format, not audio) so i can see the notes on the screen and not record as audio files. I have my Motif hooked up with a fire wire and midi cable. I don't know what to do to make this work. I know it can be done. I have called several places, everyone says it can be done, but no one knows how and now i am finally turning to my fellow apple forum members. Lots of people use logic pro here unlike yamaha support or other places so i hope someone has an answer.

This is a very common thing to do, but very complicated, and no one seems to have an answer! =[
I have called everyone possible... woke up at 8 in the morning and made calls all morning. Not one person knew, not even the apple logic pro support guy.

Thank You Very Much!! ---in advance!

MacPro 2.6, Choose
  • Bee Jay Level 6 (10,895 points)
    Ok, it's not hard, and the detail will vary depending on what you want to do exactly, but here goes:

    There are two basic things - communication between the keyboard and Logic, and communication from Logic to the keyboard.

    Connect up MIDI cables going both ways - keyboard MIDI OUT to computer MIDI IN, and computer MIDI OUT and keyboard MIDI IN.

    Run Logic, and play the keyboard - watch Logic's transport, and you should see MIDI activity as you play. Cool - that part's done!

    For the second part, I'm assuming you want to use the Motif multitimbrally, ie you want to be able to sequence multiple tracks of different sounds coming from the Motif with Logic.

    Open your autoload song, and open the environment. Select New -> MultiInstrument, name it "Motif". Click on all the little channel boxes in the multi to enable all 16 channels. Set the multi's port to the MIDI port that your Motif is connected on.

    Back on the Motif, make sure you turn MIDI Local mode OFF (this divorces the keyboard from the Motif's sound engine - because we will be playing it through Logic) and put it into multi mode if necessary.

    Now, back in the arrange, click hold on a track and select Motif -> Motif 01 to assign the Motif channel 1 sub-instrument to an arrange. As you play the keyboard, you should hear the Motif playing. You can now sequence away with Logic.

    If you regularly sequence like this, assign all the 16 Motif sub-instruments to tracks, and save this as your autoload, so it always comes up like this when you start a new song.

    Any queries or problems, post back and I'll try to help.

    Does that help clarify things for you?
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    on any other day do exactly what Bee Jay says and you'll be fine.

    Today however, you can make a couple of modifications.

    Since you've got a USB cable between your XS and the mac, you won't need the MIDI cables. The XS does MIDI over USB. You'll probably have to set your XS to use USB instead of the MIDI ports. This will be in your XS manual somewhere. On an ES, this setting is in Utility | MIDI | Other | MIDI IN/OUT where I need to set this value to "USB". It will either be the same or something very much like this on the XS.

    Your XS is also an audio interface and can xfer audio digitally over to your mac and back. You don't want to do this (you said so), so you can disconnect the firewire cable as this is what you would have done with that.

    Hook up audio to your mixer/audio interface.

    and you're off!

    check over at www.motifator.com. The forums are useful. someone already built a Logic environment specifically for the XS *including all the voice/bank settings already filled in*. In can be downloaded from the Logic part of the forums over there. The file is hosted on a poster's website and it's name MotifXS_MultiMac.LSO.

    Good luck!
  • mR 9R33n Level 3 (775 points)
    it is not working i am so confused =[
    i did everything exactly step by step.
    i even set up in motif to use midi and not usb or fire wire.
    what can it be, it shouldn't be this hard. i have been trying to figure this out
    for the past week.

    I also downloaded the environment template. that did not help either.
    i see midi info is being transmitted but the sounds i choose on the keyboard
    do not play and come out of my speakers..

    thanks for the posts
    i really appreciate the help a lot.
  • Bee Jay Level 6 (10,895 points)
    So which bit of the instructions did you have a problem following..?
  • mR 9R33n Level 3 (775 points)
    i think i am having issues with setting up the ports.. i have both midi in and out going through my edirol ua-25 to my motif, my environment is set up and i can record notes but the sounds i have chosen on the keyboard just will not play.