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I am trying to set up an email account with my partner in Germany (where the servers are). He sent me an email that said "imap server exchange.unitedmailsolutions.com" and "smtp server exchange.unitedmailsolutions.com" along with a user name and password. But I do not know how or where to access "imap server exchange or smtp server exchange."
Can anyone offer me some insight here?

Many thanks- jmac219

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.9), I am new to Mac computers
  • Rajesh Sharma Level 4 (3,730 points)
    You need to start up the Apple Mail program and set up a new account. The details he provided are for the mailbox where you will "pick-up" your mail and where it will be sent from.

    Take a look at this document and see if it helps. If you get stuck, post back. It will take about 2 mins to set up..


    Good luck.

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    I am having the same problem. I went to that site referenced and it did not help. Is there something within the Operating System that needs to be shut off? I had a guru of the PC world help to get me connected but he could not make it happen.
    Any further suggestions?
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    Does something need to be shut off? No. You do need an internet connection, obviously, but other than that it should be very simple.

    Basically, one sets the Apple Mail program to act as the 'mailbox" on the computer. Mail is collected from your incoming mail server on the internet and deposited in your inbox. - this is the imap or pop mail box. Outgoing mail is sent to the outgoing server on the internet and then sent to the lucky recipient. This is the smtp bit.

    The difference between pop and imap, is that pop mail collects the mail from the server on the internet, deposits it to your inbox on the computer and then after a preset time, deletes it from that server. Imap on the other hand, always keeps the mail on the internet server but allows you to make a local copy to look at.

    I hope that helps explain things. Without knowing exactly how you are stuck, it's diffucult to suggest what to do. If you indicate what your precise issue is, perhaps I or others could give you step by step instructions.

    PS - For GMail - you have to go into gmail on the web and tell it to activate pop - ie allow you to pick it up without going to the website itself. It's in settings.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you for your efforts at helping. I tried again and will try to give more detail:
    Using Mail 2.1.1
    I go to Add Account
    Type POP
    Name put in my name
    E-mail--- use my standard address for this company
    Incoming mail server is mail.humidipak.com
    Put in name
    put in password
    Then I get:
    The POP server “mail.humidipak.com” is not responding. Check your network connection and that you entered the correct information in the “Incoming Mail Server” field. If it still doesn’t respond, the server might be temporarily unavailable.
    The person who tried to help me set up the system on the server and can get in via his PC. But not on mine.
    Any more clues????????
    Thank you very much.
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    Well your process is correct.

    Some silly questions

    A) Are you sure the outgoing server is mail.humidipak.com? The IT chaps will know.

    B) Have you tried using a different internet connection?

    C) Are you absolutely sure they don't do any maintenance on the mail servers at the weekend?

    I'm sure the answer is something small and simple and that we'll get to it eventually.

    Try adding the account anyway with those detail, ignore the message and then test in mail to see what happens.

    Best of luck.
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    Also.... Are you sure it's pop and not imap?

    I don't think it's the mac. It's more likely to be the way the mail servers are set up, the fact that they're online or your network.