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My iPhone keeps restarting and I'm not sure why and sometimes when I'm on Safari the phone returns to the homescreen and I have to go back into Safari and retype in the web address. Has anyone else been experiencing this?

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    Normally the term 'restarting' means that the iPhone reboots as if you had the power turned off. Is this the case?


    Do you mean that when you are utilizing Safari it goes back to the previous page that you viewed prior to the page that you are currently in?

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    Well, sometimes when I'm browsing in Safari the phone will send me back to the home screen. The other problem is I'll be using the phone and then the screen will go to the Apple logo and the phone reboots even though I didn't reboot it myself.
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    I have experienced the problem related to Safari. I sometimes do not lift my fingers hight enough off the screen, i.e., I drag rather than lift and move and when I do that I somehow set something into action that sends Safari to home. Being more careful on that issue has reduced the return to Safari home.

    On the other issue where it in fact reboots, I have no idea what may be wrong. Rather than restoring or resetting, why don't you first try turning your phone off for a minute or two to see if some electronic gate gets cleared. Turn the phone on and see if the actual reboot recurs.

    Maybe one of the 'gurus' or other have exerienced the reboot problem.

    Good luck!

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    I haven't seen the latter reported here much but the former has been.

    A Reset will usually resolve the former or just a powering the iPhone off and on but if doing either one or both hasn't had any effect, the next step is a complete Restore.

    How much free space do you have available?
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    Thanks for the help! I'm going to try to actually restart the phone first and see if that helps at all. In response to one of the posts, I have about 1 gb of memory left. Thanks for the posts and please leave more feedback or if you have been experiencing similiar problems.