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I have a G5 XServer with two hard drives running 10.4.10 co-located at an ISP. I had recently brought it home and did a clean install of the OS and put new accounts (mainly to host multiple web sites) on it that were different than before, and this time I installed the operating system on the second hard drive leaving the original in place.

Everything works fine EXCEPT that when using +Server Admin+ to set the Web Sites to point to the various home directories (click web, click settings, click Site, Click 'plus' to add a new site or 'pencil' to edit one, then click '...' to select the folder), +Server Admin+ *cannot see the new home directories* on the hard disk I am currently using. It can only see the old directories on the old hard drive.

(Note: I observed the same issue when trying to set the FTP root directory.)

How can I get +Server Admin+ to look at files on the other hard drive (the one I am booting from)?

G5, Mac OS X (10.4.10)