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i've taken my computer MANY times to the apple store, they run a service diagnostic test & tell me nothing's wrong (naturally the computer doesn't "act up" when it's there)

the fans rev really high and a red light lights up inside the front panel just above the power button

when i run the hardware test i get the error 2FAN/4/8:DRIVE BAY

apple has replaced the fan kit 2 times, and optical drive (wasn't burning dvds)

any suggestions?

g5, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    Hi, and a Warm Welcome to Apple Discussions and the Power Mac G5 Forum!

    Well - you don't say which G5 you have - there's a list here


    Assuming it's not a "Late 2005" dual-core G5


    which has several LEDs on the main logic board - explained here


    you could try a test: when the G5 is running normally - i.e. no roaring fan and LED - take off the aluminium side panel (should not affect the fans) and then pull the clear plastic deflector panel outwards from the top with the handle, and then tilt it forwards so that rear-most locating peg on the bottom edge of the deflector panel just clears the slot in which it normally sits.

    If you then get exactly the symptoms which are the problem - red LED on the front (left as you look at from the side) edge of the main logic board (just behind the power switch and front external sockets), and the roaring fan (it's actually just the Drive Bay fan that goes into hyperdrive - as a warning) - then it's possible the silver/white tab on the rear-most locating peg of the clear plastic deflector panel is damaged or defective. Some diagrams here


    If the label is damaged you can substitute a piece of shiny gift wrapping tape, as explained here


    which also mentions using a torch/flashlight to check whether the sensor inside the slot itself is ok; more detail, plus cleaning the sensor with a can of compressed air, here


    Please post again if you have any questions - or if this isn't the solution. Good Luck.
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    getting there! ok, a flashlight triggered the sensor. i sprayed with air, it wouldn't trigger. finally getting smart i switched dust covers with a co-worker. the cover worked in his computer, his wouldn't work in mine. do you think it's safe to assume it is the sensor?

    (my dual g5 is 2003)

    thank you so so much!!
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    Hi. Well - I don't know about "safe to assume" - this is a computer we're talking about...!

    However, as the normal operation of the sensor is that it only triggers when the dust cover/air deflector is removed - it's possible that, if the current situation is that the fan/LED on your machine is now 'on' all the time, even when your colleague's dust cover/air deflector, with a presumed-good reflective label, is in place on your G5 - it does seem likely that there is a problem with the sensor - officially the "Air Deflector Sensor Board".

    It's possible that spraying the air has dislodged a connector that was only just making contact - hence the previously intermittent nature of the symptoms. Or that the sensor is duff, of course.

    Hope we are not jumping to any conclusions as to the cause - but it sounds like one for the shop.

    Please post again if this isn't quite the current situation - e.g. the fan/LED is not now 'on' all the time. Good Luck.
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    Forgot to mention (and couldn't edit...) - as the Air Deflector Sensor Board is glued in place, it may just have come unstuck.
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    thanks for the chuckle!
    last night when leaving work i took the COMPUTER to the shop.
    thanks for your time and patience
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    I have the same issue, except that I have a late 2005 model.
    Would you be able to help?
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    Hi Rick1001, and a Warm Welcome to Apple Discussions and the Power Mac G5 Forum!

    Only just seen your post - which is a very good reason to post a new question of your own in this Forum, so that it gets noticed - linking to this thread if helpful.

    If you give as much info as you can - exact model G5, OS X version, any previous form, any changes made prior to the phenomenon, what exactly you see and hear (presumably some LEDS


    are on), what steps you have taken to try to fix it, etc., it will help.

    Good Luck.