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  • Zall Level 1 Level 1
    I think the issue is needing be able to create two table of contents, which I'm not sure Pages lets you do.
  • breezy1 Level 1 Level 1
    Steve Jobs has to make presentations. So he needed a ppt killer to boast about.

    He does not write documents or calculate spreadsheets or make charts. That's for the underlings. So no help there.
  • Andrew Lee Level 1 Level 1
    I am stunned this is not possible. Its not a word processor if it can't provide numbered captioning of figures! Back to NeoOffice I guess... Looks like I paid $79 just for Keynote!
  • Zall Level 1 Level 1
    To be fair, I don't think a lot of Word Processors on the Mac do this. I know Mellel ($49) and Nisus Pro ($79)do it. If you take the cost of iWork and split it amongst the 3 apps, Pages costs about $26, still $20 less than Nisus Writer Express, and it handles Word docs better than NWE.

    I don't really consider Pages a Word Processor. More of a "I need to type something up real quick and maybe read a Word document" Processor.

    So, for a $26 app it's not bad. I think a lot of us were hoping for more, but we've most likely got needs that fall out of Pages design intent.
  • Gerry Straathof Level 6 Level 6
    You are correct. After sitting down and fiddling with it I discovered the same. Equally disappointing is the fact that the paragraph styles used in the text boxes do not show up in the table of contents for the main flow of text.

    And you cannot insert a table of contents into a text box, which would have been extremely useful as you could then have your required 'two' table of contentses.

    I did discover, however, that one can create a paragraph style that has the (a)...(z) list style and the numbers will increase as you insert text with this particular style. You can then 'turn on' that paragraph style in the table of contents.

    In this case, you can use the Page Break, Layout Break and Column Break to split up your document when you insert the graphics and captions. Make the paragraph style for the figure lists centered and they will show up properly in the main table of contents.

    You will not, however, get your figure list at the end (or beginning) of the document. Not without resetting your TOC, saving to PDF, and then inserrting the pdf page with the 'figure' PDF in your document where you need it (and having to do this again should you edit the document and cause the page numbers to change)

    It's a workaround, and a bit of an awkward kludge, but the idea is there if you need it.

    Gerry. (BTW I think the ability to set a paragraph style as an ascending list is pretty cool)
  • G1969 Level 1 Level 1
    I've just started a new discussion on the same topic! I fiddled around with Pages and quickly realized that this was NOT so great for technical paper. I have the same problem with Figures/Tables/Schemes. I need captions to be created automatically and updated automatically so that if a new figure is added, all the captions (Figure 23 becomes Fig. 24, if the new figure is added anywher before Fig. 23). I also need to be able to cross-reference it in the text so that the text is ALSO updated when new figures are added.

    Another very severe limitation is that major bibliographic software (EndNote, BookEnds) do NOT work very well at all with Pages. It is a real shame and I agree with a lot of the previous post in that software developed by Apple is quite often crappy. They're sure can make any documents look nice (with all the layouts, templates, etc.) but they always fall short for less "artsy" people. So even though I like my mac, it looks like MS Word and Excel win hands down over Pages (and possibly Numbers, although I haven't wasted my time even testing it...)
  • AssetBurned Level 1 Level 1
    hmmmm i am wondering why Apple doesn't fixed this problem. at least they should make it possible to use more than one TOC in one document with different settings. In fact that would fix a lot of problems.

    So iWork programmers do you hear what we need? just a small fix and we would be happy!
  • tonyfil Level 1 Level 1
    I hate to suggest it, but I am tempted to produce my document with Pages. When finished, export it to .doc and add all of the figures there. Seems like it works... it just kinda defeats the purpose of using Pages in the first place.

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