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hey people.

I got this information on Ipod website .

You can also transfer content manually
Manually managing what goes on your iPod is also helpful if you use your iPod on multiple computers or with multiple user accounts. Additionally, it also allows you to delete a song from your iTunes library, but keep it on your iPod. Make sure you have a backup copy of any media files before deleting them. Follow these steps to setup your iPod to manually transfer content.

If you have iTunes 7 or later follow these instructions:
Connect iPod to your computer.
Open iTunes.
Select iPod in the source pane. If you don’t see iPod in the iTunes source pane, then click here if you use Windows or if you use Mac OS X click here.
On the Summary tab select “Manually manage music and videos” and click Apply.
Tip: Even though your Music, Movies, and TV Shows tabs show no checkmarks when you are in Manual mode, you can still sync content. Checking these boxes will place the iPod back into Automatic mode.


However, where do I find the source pane ? or the Ipod in the source pane? I know its in itunes but i cant find it. I am using Ipod Video 30g. Do reply, thanks alot.


Windows XP