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Just put in an order for a Mac Pro 2.66 to take advantage of the sales tax holiday in my state this weekend in addition to my education discount. I stayed with the stock 1 gig of memory and I am planning to order 4x1 gigs of memory in the next few days from New Egg. I am stuck between Crucial 1gbx2 for $176 (I'd get 2 kits) or Transcend 1gb for $69.99 each (I would get 4). I know that Crucial is considered the best of the bunch but I know that Transcend is also very good memory and is certainly cheaper. I don't want to 'skimp' on memory but Transcend has gotten good reviews from users who bought it for their MacBook Pro's. Just wondering what others here think of Transcend memory for the MacPro.
Transcend: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?item=N82E16820208199


Also, I am ordering Spyder2 but am not sure which to get - express or the regular Spyder2. I know that the latter will take care of printer profiles and eventually I may get an Epson R1800 - though I've read that Epson does its own profiles. I plan on calibrating a 23" hd display as well as my MacBook Pro but was wondering if it's worth it to upgrade to the non Express version in the event I may need to do profiling on the Epson (that is, if it's even necessary on the Epson).

Feedback, comments much appreciated! Thank you!

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