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it seems my itunes is particulary forgetful
it manages to forget that i have already agreed to the license agreement and forces me to sign in to the store every time I use itunes - which appears in french at first

i am using the most recent version, btw

help would be much appreciated

AJP, Windows XP
  • polydorus Level 6 Level 6 (11,950 points)
    I don't know why this is happening, it sounds as though your preference files aren't getting updated.

    It is probably worth deleting them, which will force iTunes to create new ones next time you open it. You will get the license agreement question the first time you use iTunes, but if it works, you won't get the question again.

    I am sure you know that there is a button at the bottom of the iTunes store home page to change your country, and the language in iTunes itself is set in edit>preferences>general.

    Resetting the iTunes Preference Files:
    You may need to make hidden files visible
    My Documents>Tools>Folder Options>View
    Check Show hidden files and folders

    -- Quit iTunes
    -- Delete C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iTunes.pref and/or iTunesPrefs.xml
    -- Delete C:\Documents and Settings\<your username>\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer Inc\iTunes.pref and/or iTunesPrefs.xml

    For Vista the files are in:
    C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Apple Computer\iTunes
    C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes
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    The store now stays in english and my account stays 'logged in', however the license question still comes up, but that isnt a real nuisance

    thanks again
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    i will try again at a later time, no doubt it is something i am doing that is creating this problem.
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    If deleting the two sets of preference files didn't resolve it, I am not sure where to go next.

    Does iTunes remember any other preference settings if you change them and restart iTunes?
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    I tried deleting the said files again (only one of three were there this time)and it gave me the same results.

    I also tested whether or not it remembered parental, general settings and store settings and it did. Perhaps my itunes is incapable of creating a file to remind it that I have agreed to the license agreement only, which would not surprise me considering the other problems i have had with this laptop recently- like several hundred registry errors (thank god for Registry first aid)

    I can deem this question answered if you like, as i am happy with it now. But if it would give you greater peace of mind to fix it (some people I know are like that) then i shall leave it be.
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    I am quite happy to let it go

    But I am puzzled as deleteing the preference files causes iTunes to ask the license question, so I assumed that that is where the answer is stored. But it is odd if iTunes remembers other preferences but forgets you have answered the license question. It must go somewhere else as well.
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    Hi _davido

    If you are still there, bnoir has pointed out something in your original post that I missed.

    Requesting a login when iTunes starts can to be related to download problems.
    Do you have a folder called download in your iTunes Music folder?

    If so is there a file in it called list.plist? If there is and you have no outstanding downloads you should delete it.

    This problem occured quite a lot with early viersions of 7.3 when iTunesPlus was first released. I thought it had gone away.