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a few weeks ago my computer crashed so i had to dig through the old documents to find my songs. when i did i put them to itunes but now i cant change the names of my song/artists/almubs. Any help please?

DELL, Windows Vista, laptop
  • samdogmom Level 4 (1,705 points)
    Since you have Vista--there is a possibility that you don't have full permission to alter these files. To change your authorization status:

    Do you store your music in your iTunes folder? Or in a separate music folder or on another hard disk?

    If the files are in your iTunes folder, you can find this by going to Start>Computer>Hard Disk C>Users (in left column)>Your Name (in right column)>Music>iTunes>iTunes Music (the FOLDER not the library file)

    Inside this folder with be folders with artist names. Click on one of these and keep opening things until you get to an actual song file, then right click and choose "Properties". When the next box opens, choose the security tab, scroll down and click on your name (probably second on list after "System"). Make sure you have FULL PERMISSION for all functions. If you don't click the "Edit" button and change things so you do.

    If you don't keep your music files inside your iTunes folder, then go to the place where you store these files. Find an actual song file, right click, choose properties and then follow the instructions above.
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    thanks alot Mark it helped alot
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    okay never mind it didnt work i still cant do it
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    i started to do it and i saw the check marks and i thought ok its good and i responded saying it was fixed but when i fully went through with it i was wrong and it didnt work. thanks anyway. any more ideas
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    Make sure they are not Read Only.
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    Does this Windows help on trouble accessing files help?

    Troubleshoot "access denied" when opening files or folders

    http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/en-US/Help/31ad4562-aee7-4fed-8316-8911 4dc973031033.mspx