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Hello folks,

I'm new to spreadsheets generally, but am trying to make a very basic one to work out overtime due on projects.

Is there a way I can enter start time and end time and have Numbers work out the hours and minutes I have worked in a day?

I've worked out how to do the further steps (i.e. multiply results by hourly rate) - it's the hours and minutes thing which is stumping me!

Hope you can help - and thanks in advance.


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    The only way I found is the following:
    - create some extra columns, e.g. hour_start, hour_end, minute_start, minute_end
    - in the hour_start column, extract the hour from the column in which you keep your start_time, in the hour_end extract the hour from the column in which you keep your end_time, etc...
    - create two more extra columns: hours_diff and minutes_diff, and calculate the number of hours and number of minutes between start and end (remember is minute_end < minute_start, the diff = minute_end + 60 - minute_start)
    - in your time_worked column, concatenate the results of hours_diff and minutes_diff with a ":" in between
    - hide your hour_start, hour_end, minute_start, minute_end etc... columns

    I hope there is a more obvious way, but I was just quickly playing with Numbers, and didn't find it right away so I used this work around.