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jzinser Level 1 (0 points)
I am trying to activate a new iPhone. I have the latest version of iTunes (verified). I have Windows Vista Ultimate. The computer recognizes the iPhone device as new.

iTunes does not do a thing. There is no sign that the iPhone has been recognized.

Please help!

Dell XPS, Windows Vista
  • Jason L Community Specialists (11,315 points)
    Hey jzinser,

    Is the computer running a 64 bit version of Windows?

    If not use the tips is this article to reinstall iTunes.

  • jzinser Level 1 (0 points)
    Thank you. I will try those steps.

    I should have also mentioned that the iPod is recognized by this iTunes version with no problem. It is just the iPhone that is not recognized. However, yes, it's worth trying a re-load.

  • jzinser Level 1 (0 points)
    Sorry, but uninstalling iTunes, cleaning temp files and reloading iTunes does not solve the problem.

    iPod is recognized by my iTunes.

    With the iPhone, however, the following occur:
    1. Vista recognizes a new device on USB.
    2. Vista identifies the new device as an iPhone.
    3. Vista brings up a Control Panel screen asking what files I want processed by iPhone.
    4. Taking no action, iTunes doesn't detect that an iPhone is present and does not initiate actions. The iPhone is not present as an iTunes device. I can find no way to get iTunes to see the iPhone.

    On a different computer I was able to active the iPhone. Of course that computer has none of the files I want to load on the iPhone.

    I get no (none, zip) error messages when installing iTunes. The iPod is recognized with no problem. I can synch the iPod with no problem. My problem is that iTunes does not seem to see the iPhone.

  • jzinser Level 1 (0 points)
    My installation of iTunes still does NOT recognize my iPhone. Any other ideas, anyone?

    I went through alll of the suggested steps. I uninstalled and reinstalled and cleaned up the installation of iTunes (and of Quick Time, both together and separately). I even added one last uninstall/reinstall/cleanup after I had removed all programs from the startup menu.

    The iPod is recognized by iTunes, recognized as a device, and the synch process is initiated. When I connect the iPhone, Windows Vista recognizes the iPhone, but when the baton is passed to iTunes, the baton is dropped: nothing happens. I sit. I wait. Nothing.

    Does Apple have a searchable knowledge base equivalent to that of Microsoft? Obviously the Microsoft KB doesn't have any references to what results as an iTunes problem (even though the problem might have been caused by an unexpected or faulty registry setting, etc.). My problem is clearly with the Apple app, even though it might have been caused by a joint problem.

    Suggestions are more than welcome.
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    My problem looked to be the same and Apple support finally gave me the clues I needed. If you are running a firewall or antvirus (mine was McAfee) it may block part of the iTunes install needed for iPhone. In my case this was verified by noticing that a driver was not installed during iTunes installation. The file: "c:\windows\system32\drivers\usbaapl.sys" in my case was missing.

    The resolution for me was to uninstall iTunes, turn off McAfee DURING install of iTunes (I did AV and FW but I suspect it was only FW). I then restored McAfee. It was only then that iPhone was visible to iTunes. By any chance are you running McAfee? My VirusScan was V12,Build 12.0.172. My Personal FW was V9, build 9.0.136.

  • jzinser Level 1 (0 points)
    Thank you. That idea looks worth trying.

    No, I'm not using McAfee; I use OneCare.
  • swaldaias Level 1 (0 points)
    I am having the same problem. My iphone was working fine with my Windows xp. Yesterday when I went to plug it in to sync, it gave me an error on a blue screen about space (i think).

    I went to add and remove some old programs. Now, when I plug in, there is nothing seen.

    I did a add hardware search. It gives me an error under "apple mobile device usb driver".

    Should I uninstall and reinstall itunes? Will this erase all my music information?
  • jzinser Level 1 (0 points)
    Well, doing a re-installation minus antivirus was a good idea, but it did not help. Vista still recognizes the iPhone, but iTunes does not.

    It is some comfort to know that others have the same problem. Having uninstalled iTunes more than a dozen times in the past two days, I can attest to the fact that the iTunes library remains intact. However, I do get an error that says that the library appeared to be damaged and needed to be corrected, and after restarting iTunes takes the time to go through all of the segments to equalize volume. I don't know whether or not this occurrence is an artifact of the problem or whether it's just a factor with the new version of iTunes.

  • Jason L Community Specialists (11,315 points)

    Is the iPhone plugged directly into the computer? Make sure its not plugged into a hub or keyboard. If you have any other USB devices(other than a keyboard or mouse) unplug them.

    Is this a portable computer?

  • Jason L Community Specialists (11,315 points)
    Hey swaldaias,

    That sounds like a driver conflict. Do you have a Logitech Webcam, scanners, or a built-in media card reader?

    You may have to uninstall the software for the conflicting device or update the driver.

    This will explain in more detail.


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    ARE YOU USING VISTA 64 or 32 BIT as asked earlier?
  • bnbzone Level 2 (405 points)
    Also dont plug the iPhone in while in lock mode, have the main widget screen up, I noticed my vista ultimate tends to like that better, also itunes notices my iphone anywheres from 10 to 60 seconds depending on its mood
  • rotciv360 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have not reviewed the details of what you have tried to date. I'm sorry to hear the iTunes ( installation with Antivirus / Firewall down did not make a difference. Until this week My Vista Ult32 would work with my iPod but not my iPhone. Sounded like the same issue. Too bad it's not the same fix.

    Did you verify the presence of the file:
    "c:\windows\system32\drivers\usbaapl.sys" ?

    If it's missing I'm told you may have a bad iTunes installation. It's what focused me on the installation.

    - Vic
  • jzinser Level 1 (0 points)
    I have returned from a trip and will now resume trying to fix my problem. To summarize: (1) I have reinstalled iTunes with no antivirus or firewall programs working; (2) iTunes recognizes my iPod; (3) Vista recognizes the iPhone when it is connected via USB; (4) Vista identifies the new device as an iPhone; (5) iTunes does nothing and does not appear to recognize the iPhone device; (6) This is on a 32bit installation, a desktop, and the USB connection is on the Dell tower, not the keyboard; (7) The iPhone is recognized on another computer, but that computer does not have the files with which I want to synch.

    I do NOT have webcam or other devices identified by Jason L, but he identifies a possible driver problem which could possibly be a problem, if I can identify the right conflict.

    rotciv360 identifies a missing driver: c:\windows\system32\drivers\usbaapl.sys. I do NOT have that driver file. If it was supposedly loaded with the reload of iTunes, then I do have a problem which has not yet been corrected. Since uninstalling and reloading hasn't fixed iTunes, what should I do next?

    jerry z
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