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I have been using my computer for mainly internet surfing, at least until school starts. I left it on for 3 weeks. I started to notice it had only 150 mb of ram free, and today it had only 35mb of ram free out of 2000mb of ram.

I restarted and all better (no i didn't have enough programs running to take up all that memory). But is there any way to clear all ram or clear the cache without restarting?


Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.4.9), 2.33 ghz intel core 2 duo, 2 gigs of RAM
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    Rebooting the computer is the only way to clear the swap file, that osx uses for Virtual memory and clearing ram.

    You can clear cache without rebooting, for instance in Safari, select from the Menu Safari, then empty cache.

    Some programs (like Safari) have memory leaks, that is a bug in their programming that basically keeps requesting more memory from the system but does not give it all back. A reboot from time to time fixes this problem.