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I was listening to my nano yesterday and everything was great. I tried to turn it on this morning and it was completely dead. It won't turn on and I can't reset it. I tried to plug it in to my computer and again there is no response on my computer or my nano.

I went into the device manager and clicked on universal serial bus controller. Instead of showing my ipod, it says Apple Recovery (DFU) USB Driver. Does anyone know what this means? I tried to update the driver and got the response "The wizard could not find a better match for your hardware than the software you currently have installed."

I then tried to uninstall the driver. This worked, but when I plugged my ipod back in, I got the same Apple Recovery (DFU) USB Driver.

I don't know what else to do. Can anyone help me? I miss my music. I have an 8GB 2nd generation nano. I also updated windows and iTunes and everything else I could think of and still no response.

Windows XP