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I have a brand new iMac and I could connect to my Wi-Fi router (Belkin G Wireless) only after turning off WEP protection on router. PC laptop was connected to the WEP protected router without any problems.

I'm using just MAC adress filtering now, but I would feel much comfortable with protection ON.

*Do you have any similar experience with new or older iMacs or other routers?*

Don't you know if yesterday issued AirportBase Update solve even some problems with iMac built-in wi-fi card?

New iMac 24" 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Mac OS X (10.4.10)
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    I have the exact same problem with my new iMac. Anyone have a solution?? I'd REALLY like to turn WEP protection back on.
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    I can connect, but only by manually entering the network id & password via the 'Other...' option on the Airport icon on the menu bar. I have to do this each time the Mac wakes. Similarly, if I momentarily turn Airport off on the Mac - no automatic reconnection. I've not tried taking off the security for comparison. PRAM reset and re-doing the Network settings in System Prefs made no difference. I've got the updated software/firmware: I'll try Apple Support tomorrow!

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    We use WPA rather than WEP at work and I have had no issues at all with the new iMac's. Everything works as expected, connects, stays connected and re-connects after sleep/restart... Must be a WEP issue rather than a general wireless issue.
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    Should have mentioned: I'm using WPA.
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    Futher to above: I've had a Powerbook and a Power Mac (G4s!) on the very same network/settings with no such problem for months/years; more recently, a friend's MacBook connects/reconnects OK.
    At the moment, it's 'interesting' rather than 'annoying'. I wouldn't be suprised to see something in my Software Update which fixes it in the next couple of weeks.
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    Interesting... Like I said, we use WPA here and there are all kinds of Macs connected to it. Everything that can pretty much is, including all the new iMacs. No issues at all. We are using an Airport Extreme with a bunch of Airport Express' (it's like a bunker this building).

    Don't know if that will help determine anything, but it might.
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    So... I have update:

    - Yesterday I downloaded an AirBase Update (cca 8MB) - just remind I have no AirPort Extreme, I use Belkin router, but I was hoping to get even some update for my iMac wi-fi card.

    - After update I setup my router to 64bit WEP protection and tried to connect again with WEP protection on iMac. I got the same Error message. But...

    - ...then I realized, there is even selection of *40/128 WEP protection in iMac connection setup, I tried it AND IT WORKS!*
    So now I'm on WEP protected connection without any problems! (and I'm not sure if it's because of update or not )

    *Anyone got to same result?*

    PS: I could not use other protection than WEP because my gf PC laptop works ****** with anything else.