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peavey5150 Level 1 Level 1
why does the i phone have a 3G sims card if it does not support 3G?

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  • Cander Level 3 Level 3
    Because the SIM card can be used in other phones.
  • peavey5150 Level 1 Level 1
    now who would buy iphone just to use the sim card in a
    different phone?
  • Cander Level 3 Level 3
    -They may decide to dump the iPhone
    -Some people use more than 1 phone for different situations and switch out SIMs
  • peavey5150 Level 1 Level 1
    okay i think that might be the dumbs thing to do
    so you would then have a 600 dollar sim card in a diffent phone.

    but thx for your help
  • Cander Level 3 Level 3
    Nothing dumb about it. iPhone isn't the end all be all of phones and some people need funcions that other phones provide for their work or other reasons.
  • peavey5150 Level 1 Level 1
    okay I know that can be done

    I thought there may be a 3g upgrade coming out.

    thx for your help
  • kennyboy3 Level 1 Level 1
    I think it's been confirmed on the websites where they take the iPhone apart completely and indentify all the parts that there is NOT a 3G chipset "hidden" in the iPhone awaiting future activation.

    Bummer. :o(
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    The current iPhone models - 4GB and 8GB are not 3G phones and will never be. This requires a 3G radio and a firmware update or software update cannot turn a non-3G phone into a a 3G phone - regardless if a non-3G phone includes a SIM card that has a 3G stamp.
  • axis360 Level 1 Level 1
    From all that I have read that will not happen with this phone.
    It does not have the right chips to make use of 3G, something about if they had used them on this model of the iPhone it would have caused the phone to have an over heating problem and the biggest issue was battery life. The 3G chip would have been far to much of battery drain. There is hope in future models as a phone that does not have 3G will not sell in Orient and or Europe.
    Only us ginny pigs get that privilege? LOL
  • homertime33 Level 4 Level 4
    Peavey, I don't think you're understanding concept here.

    Most new AT&T sims support 3G technology, despite their usage of the 3G network. This allows users to easily upgrade from phones without re-issuing a sim, as well as buy new, or second phones and just "swap" the sims.

    The sim card is dirt cheap, is not $600, the phone is $600. AT&T will generally give a customer a new sim card free, for others it's up to $25.

    The reason why an iPhone user MAY want to switch the sim out into another phone is as follows:

    Say your iPhone user wants to go out on a boat, on vacation, or just in general somewhere where they don't need all the bells and whistles. Instead of bringing the $600 iPhone to an amusement park, water park, boating, hiking, etc, they buy a cheap 2nd phone to throw the sim into so that they have a basic cell phone for emergency use. That way, if the phone is damaged, they at least have the sim to put back into the iPhone to work flawlessly. If the phone is lost, they can just be re-issued a new sim, and won't lose their $600 iPhone.

    It's not a dumb thing to do, nor a "dumbs" thing to do as you indicate. It's called risk management.

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  • Paul Judd Level 6 Level 6
    peavey5150 wrote:
    why does the i phone have a 3G sims card if it does not support 3G?

    Its a branding thing mostly. It indicates that its the current version of AT&T's sim card series.
  • 4n6doc Level 4 Level 4
    okay i think that might be the dumbs thing to do

    Actually, it is sometimes the smart thing to do.

    I have an inexpensive unlocked GSM phone sitting around. If I am going to be doing something outdoors and don't want to expose my iPhone to the risk of getting damaged, I just pop my SIM into the spare phone and off I go.

    For those occasions when I want to run the battery all the way down and do a full recharge (which Apple recommends you do about once a month to keep the battery in good shape), I move the SIM card to my spare phone so I can still make and receive calls while my iPhone battery is dead.

    If my iPhone should ever break or if I should ever need to send it in for service, I can move the SIM into my spare phone and have uninterrupted phone service.

    If I am traveling overseas and don't want to risk incurring expensive data roaming charges, I can put my SIM into my spare phone and use my iPhone as a WiFi device and video iPod.

    In other words, it isn't dumb at all.
  • AllanDC Level 1 Level 1
    From a manufacturing standpoint, it is cheaper for them to make all sims 3G rather than to set up a seperate process for making one without 3G. Also, when Apple does come out with a 3G iPhone, it will make it easier for existing iPhone users to upgrade since they will be able to move their existing sim card to the new phone.
  • RonAnnArbor Level 4 Level 4
    All SIm cards for Cingular/ATT have had the 3G logo on them since November of 2006. They work in regular and 3g GSM phones. The iPhone itself is NOT 3G and this version never will be. The 3G symbol is market branding/advertising. In Europe they print pictures of movies and sports teams on the SIM cards - it doesn't mean either one of them is inside the phone.
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