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Hello, On my iTunes summary for my 4gb nano there is something called "other" in orange. All I have for my iTunes on my nano are mp3; not photos except for album artwork. This "other" is taking up space on my ipod. Can someone help me figure out and possibly get rid of "other". Thanks in advance.

dell dimension 3000, Windows XP, 5G 60gb white video ipod and 2G 4gb pink ipod nano
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    I forgot to mention that I have video podcasts and music videos intended for my video ipod. Does it matter that I don't have another library for the nano, I just sync one to the computer when the other one is in use by me?
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    Hi Kannek,

    Regarding your original problem, have you tried restoring your iPod in iTunes?

    Just connect your iPod to your computer, and, under the "Summary" tab where you see your iPod's main preferences/contents, click the "Restore" button.

    Restoring deletes all of the contents off of your iPod, but usually fixes over-reported "Other" space problems.

    While your iPod's "Other" space might be reasonably taken up by such things like Album artwork, contacts, calendar, notes, etc., if the amount of your iPod's "Other" space seems to be unproportional and incorrect, typically it's just a relatively simple issue with iTunes misreading the details of your iPod. Restoring usually fixes the problem.

    For more details on how to restore an iPod to its factory settings, you can check out this Knowledge Base article:

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    I have another suggestion to avoid using space on your Nano for video content that the Nano can't play. Why not create a specific playlist in your library that excludes this video content & set your Nano preferences to sync to only that playlist. Just a thought.